Teaching your young girls about personal hygiene

Personal hygiene
Isn’t it amazing that the baby girl you had a few years ago is now growing into a little young woman? Once she was so unconscious of how she looks and what clothes she wears, now she’s even paying a lot more attention than you’d expect her to. That’s part of growing up which shouldn’t get you alarmed or worried

Many moms want to see their kids smartly dressed in the latest fashion industry has to offer in clothes and shoes but fail to provide them with the basics of good hygiene from a very early stage. Don’t assume they know what to do, they need to be taught and you’re the best person to do just that.

You don’t want your daughter to be that lady at work no one wants to be close to because she’s got not-so-good fragrance from her body and mouth. During the stage of puberty, as their body struggles to adjust to the changing hormones, they need to learn what it means to stay clean and neat besides the clothes, shoes, and makeup

As with everything we do, our kids are watching us as examples, it’ll be hard to sell the idea of personal hygiene if as moms we don’t take the lead. Teaching your young girls about personal hygiene will involve:

Regular Baths – Most people take a bath in the morning as soon as they get out of bed and just before the dash out. What about a second bath after a hectic day just before bed? A lot of people are tired and feel they won’t be meeting anyone for the rest of the day so who cares if they don’t have a bath. Girls need to know their bodies excrete waste from their skin, armpits, and down there between their legs so the need for a constant wash. They shouldn’t just dash in and out of the bathroom to get back on social media but make sure they’ve had a clean wash and that they smell clean and fresh

Skincare & Makeup - It’s very important to let your girls know that beauty is skin deep and should glow from the inside out. Makeup and skincare products should complement their virtues and character and not ‘make up’ for their inadequacy. You want to teach them how to put in on and cleanse down before they go to bed. These products expire so that’s part of what you’ll share with them to avoid irritation.

Shaving Cream Vs. Shaving Sticks – Everyone’s skin reacts differently so know what works for you. They want to apply the cream or use the sticks at least once every week depending on the hair growth. Don’t apply perfumes immediately as this will be hash on the bruised skin. Antiperspirants should be avoided as these provide a layer under the arms to reduce perspiration and our bodies need to excrete waste products from time to time, hence the need for regular baths during the day.

Tampons Vs Pads – Hopefully you’ve had that ‘chat’ before the D-day, don’t wait till your daughter is alarmed when her pants are stained. Every girl has got a preference but whatever your daughter chooses, she must be told that it must be changed as often as 3-4 hours even if the flow isn’t heavy to avoid infection. Even though some marketing brands claim their products can soak up more blood while you stay dry, you want ‘down there’ to stay dry and clean.

Dealing With Acne & Pimples – unless your daughter has got very serious acne that’s tough to deal with and affecting her self-confidence, it could go away over time, if not, you might need to schedule a visit to the doctor. It’s a myth that those who ‘break out’ is as a result if their diet which mostly contains lots of butter and fried junk. It will be a great goal to reduce or eliminate unhealthy meals but most times the increase in pimples and acne in very young girls is caused by the hormonal interplay going on about this time of puberty. Teach your little girl how to wash her face regularly and stay away from products that would irritate her skin and even cause the acne to worsen.
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