My motivation for embarking on this fitness journey has been the need to restore my health, well-being, and self-esteem. Over the years, since having my daughter I have gained so much weight and it has bogged me down and prevented me from enjoying life and being active. I have experienced very low energy levels and have had a difficult time lugging my weight around.

I wish to go back to my pre-pregnancy body not just for the looks but more importantly to be fit and healthy. I would like to be able to keep up with my daughter and generally enjoy myself in my body. My family has a history of diabetes, with my mum and some close relatives living with it. I would definitely want to keep this and other non-communicable diseases at bay.

Being a medical practitioner, I would also want to walk the talk as I take care of the patients I see (I often get the side-eye from some patients as I explain the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a certain weight range).

I was attracted to indoor cycling because it is fun and that aspect will definitely have me eager for a workout and therefore a great way to start my fitness journey and keep me going. Having read up on it, I also know that it will be a great way to shed the extra kilos and be fit.

I must admit that at first, it was tough on my body! But I know that going forward, I will start reaping the benefits. I have just started my sessions two weeks ago and despite the sore muscles, I will be going again today. I’m also watching my eating habits and cutting back on the portions, drinking plenty of water, and watching my sugar intake.

My advice to anyone wanting to embark on a fitness plan is to know what they want out of it, make a realistic plan on how to get there, start with the small things like watching WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat and choosing a fun workout plan that will encourage them to work out regularly even when they do not feel like it.

My wish is that my successes will also hopefully encourage others to take that first step, and start taking care of themselves; workout, stay fit, and healthy.
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