Before you take this flexibility stretch challenge, do you know some of the health benefits of keeping flexible? If yes, good! If no, I’m going to tell you;

⏩First of all, the freedom of being able to stretch and bend your body freely, anyhow you want, feels more awesome than a hot cup of coffee on a freezing day.

⏩Being flexible also reduces your chances of experiencing body aches, pains, and injuries.

⏩It helps you get rid of fatigue by keeping your muscles active.

⏩Keeps your heart healthy by minimizing arterial stiffening (Thus, reduces chances of stroke and heart attack).

⏩Flexible muscles make it easy for you to move around, keeping you more physically active.

MORE BENEFITS HERE: The Benefits of Flexibility Stretches & Exercises

And so….I suggest you take this flexibility challenge, even if you are a beginner. Remember to take it slow though, lest you break you waits/neck into two.

Scroll down for the pics and try to pull these simple flexibility moves.

All you need is some free space and a soft mat for your landing, right in the comfort of your home.

Straight-up leg raise

Straight-up leg raise

Flexible waist bend

Flexible waist bend

Yoga Flex

Yoga Flex

Waist-bend with leg stretch-out

Waist-bend with leg stretch-out

Handstand at The Wall
Handstand at The Wall - Wall-stand with bended knees - Wall-stand with one bended knee

180° (kinda) stretch

180 degrees (kinda) stretch

And so in your daily/weekly workout routine, consider allocating some time for flexibility training so as to achieve the above health benefits AND just to keep you HAPPY all the way, right?

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