How much is Dehydration a concern during Pregnancy? Find out!

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Water is a life nourisher and life on the planet earth cannot sustain without adequate water for their survival. There is a whole world of mind-blowing facts associated with water concerning every aspect of not just human life but every other life indeed. When it comes to human well being, water is the most crucial component, and any abuse of this vital resource could even mean life-threatening consequences to human wellness. Drinking pure water and in the right amounts have been advised by the medical experts off late to all those wellness seekers.

There are more than generous health benefits of drinking water, and it is even more during pregnancy. Drinking adequate amounts of water is the need of the hour for every human being and drinking it substantially when you are carrying is highly crucial for you and your baby’s survival. This is so because water carries the nutrients from the food you eat to the baby. This nutrient transfer is essential for the development of a healthy baby.

Hence, as a pregnant mother, it is not only important to drink more water but also assess how much your body requires at different times while you are carrying. You need extra water than an average person because water plays such an essential role in the healthy growth of your baby.

Dehydration during Pregnancy

How much is Dehydration a concern during Pregnancy?

Is dehydration something to be concerned about during pregnancy? The answer is indeed yes. What is dehydration? It is the case of your body losing water faster than you are taking it in. Although it can affect the health and wellbeing of anybody, it is even more important for pregnant women to stay well-hydrated as water helps in forming the placenta which is what your baby depends on to receive nutrients when you are pregnant. Hence, at all costs, it is vital to circumvent dehydration during pregnancy.

Is Drinking too much water a concern during Pregnancy?

➧ It is a misconception if you think you are overly drinking water while you are carrying as there is nothing that says as you shouldn't drinking excess water during pregnancy. In reality, drinking water aplenty is recommended during pregnancy.

➧ The main reason why pregnant women feel drinking more than enough water is unhealthy is that they believe it may lead to water retention which is not valid. The truth is precisely the opposite, i.e. it prevents water retention. Even if you feel you’ve had more water than usual don’t hold back on drinking water as it has got many benefits than you imagine.

➧ Now, let us take a look at some of the concerns that pregnant women have with regard to drinking an excess of water during pregnancy.

➧ Some women also fear that excess of water intake while they are bearing can lead to a severe increase in the quantity of amniotic fluid, the fluid that surrounds the unborn baby that will help them grow. This condition is called polyhydramnios in medical terms. However, this condition does not arise because of drinking plenty of water.

➧ Some others believe that drinking a lot of water can induce swollen genitals. This again is not true. Swollen genitals is a sign of an infection that can be treated under a gynecologist’s supervision.

In the case of polyhydramnios, the condition is caused either due to a blockage in the baby’s gut or a genetic issue or the issue could be in the placenta. Sometimes, excess of amniotic fluid forms when the mother has diabetes.

Hence, these concerns are not valid, and it is perfectly healthy and safe if you are drinking excess water than normal during your pregnancy. After all, water is beneficial for your body and the baby’s health.

How does Drinking water help in Pregnancy?

Of course, water keeps your body hydrated, but there are also some other reasons why it’s perfect for drinking water during pregnancy. Take a glance at some of the reasons which highlight the importance of water during your pregnancy:

  1. Water helps in nutrient absorption.

  2. Prevents urinary tract infections.

  3. Fights fatigue and dizziness.

  4. Prevents unexpected uterine contractions.

  5. Improves amniotic fluid quantity.

Therefore, this also means that it is pretty normal to drink more water than your regular intake as it is most required for yourself and the baby.

In Summary

Needless to prove, you need to drink lots of water during pregnancy, and that would mean way excess water than an average human being would drink daily. However, this is still vague information to give for a mom-to-be. On average, it is advised that a pregnant woman should drink 10-13 glasses of water every day. Experts say that they should drink close to 3 liters of water daily which includes water from other sources like food, milk, juices, etc.

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