Health Implications of Abnormal BMI Readings


Body mass index (BMI) simply alludes to the amount of fat in one’s body. A person with unusual levels of fat deposit risks being prey to different types of illnesses. This can, however, be prevented if the use of a BMI calculator is made regular. What this calculator does is to take certain information which you will provide to determine your body mass index. This information rarely goes beyond age, height, and weight.

The following are categories under which people are grouped depending on the results obtained from the test:

Underweight = <18.5

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9

Overweight = 25–29.9

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

If your BMI is lesser than 18.5 you are underweight; if it is between 25 and 29.9 you are overweight; anything from 30 is obesity. The normal and healthy weight is between 18.5 and 24.9. Every human being falls under one of these categories.

So far, we have explored what BMI is about and a bit of why it is necessary. A little addition, however, will suffice in the form of an analogy. The human body is like a machine, there is no guarantee that it will always function properly, hence the need for regular checkups. And during these checkups, adequate attention should be given to all parts. Sadly, not many people find it needful to go for checkups and a greater number don’t even see the need to know their BMI. If you belong to this set of people, it is our hope that your perception will change after you see some of the downsides of overweight, underweight, and obese.

Health Implications of Abnormal BMI Readings

High blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a situation in which the blood that moves through the body begins to poke heavily at the walls of the arteries. This could eventually cause the arteries to burst, thus leading to a stroke or heart attack. The chances of one with abnormal BMI results are high when it comes to high blood pressure. For this reason, it is advisable to know your status, and if it is unusual, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Heart disease

Heart disease is a generic term used to describe a number of heart conditions; all of which are life-threatening. Their names alone communicate effectively how deadly they are. They include angina, congenital heart disease, pericardial disease, and a host of others. Again, one is susceptible to these kinds of heart malfunction if one’s weight is not normal.

High cholesterol

Hypercholesterolemia is a condition that could lead to deadly incidents such as a heart attack or a brain stroke. Cholesterol are important waxy substances that are found in fatty vessels in the blood, they help in the production of healthy cells. However, having them in excess facilitates the journey towards the aforesaid eventualities.


This disorder of the protective cartilage of the bone is reported to be the most common form of arthritis. It is suffered by millions worldwide. Unfortunately, it gets worse over time and has no cure. However, maintaining a healthy weight could stall deterioration of the affected body part. In the first place, this disorder could be avoided if you have an idea of your body mass index. It is indeed better to prevent this disease than ameliorate its effects.

Female infertility

This is self-explanatory and relatable. An infertile woman is unable to take in, and this may be caused by a number of things. One of them is having an abnormal body weight. Do not unknowingly truncate your dream of giving birth to children; if you are not sure of your BMI, opt for one now. It could save you a lot of trouble.

In whole, the importance of knowing your body mass index cannot be overstated. As you have seen, being nonchalant about it could cost you a lot. It is, therefore, better to pay a little (your time) to get this done. Yes, you don’t have to pay any money. The digital world has made it possible to have this software on our phones and you should take advantage of this. Visit your mobile store and type BMI in the search bar, download, follow the instructions, and let the devil be ashamed.

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