Things to Check Before You Buy Scented Hand Sanitizer

Scented Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are available in gel or liquid form and are created to successfully rid your palms of potentially harmful bacteria. Unlike soap, you can activate the cleansing agent present in sanitizers even in the absence of water. On any given day, you touch endless surfaces in the course of carrying out your regular functions.

Whether in public spaces or at home, you are susceptible to picking up some harmful microbes without even realizing it. By applying a hand sanitizer scented form, you can fight off bacteria and minimize the risk of transmitting germs to those you encounter daily.

When applying a hand sanitizer, keep the following in mind:

● Take a dime-size amount of it on your palm and spread it evenly on every portion of your hand.

● Keep rubbing your hands till the sanitizer is wholly absorbed into your skin.

● Strictly use as directed on the bottle and avoid applying sanitizer on other parts of your body.

● Do not rub your eyes immediately after applying hand sanitizer.

● Wash off any dirt, grease, or dust from your hands before using the sanitizer.

While scouting around for a quality hand sanitizer in scented form, check for the following features before making a purchase:

Practical Size and Design

A portable hand sanitizer works well for personal use as you can carry it around with ease when on the move. Where you need a higher volume of sanitizer for daily use, opt for larger dispensers.

The bottles must be so designed that they conveniently discharge the sanitizer in limited amounts to avoid unnecessary wastage. A reliable seal rules out the scope of leakage if the bottle accidentally tilts while in your bag.

Inclusion of Denatured Alcohol

The process of denaturing involves giving the concoction an unpleasant taste. Doing so prevents those who cannot read labels from mistaking the product for an edible substance. Unintentional ingestion of sanitizers can prove fatal, particularly in the case of young children.

Presence of Non-Toxic Ingredients

Ethyl and isopropyl are the acceptable types of non-toxic alcohol safe for external usage. Watch out for the toxic presence of methanol and 1-propanol, which are not recommended for skin absorption.

Even when present in the minimal dose, toxic ingredients can potentially irritate your skin. Exposure to these can also cause adverse reactions like giving you a headache and making you feel nauseous.

Infused With Natural Moisturizers

Alcohol can strip your skin of its natural oils, making your hands feel cracked and uncomfortably dry. When your hand sanitizer is infused with natural moisturizers, applying it to kill germs does not dry out your palms.

For instance, a natural plant-based ingredient like aloe vera, when included in the sanitizer, helps to keep your skin hydrated. You can safely rely on such products to effectively kill bacteria without being harsh.

Legible Warning

Hand sanitizer containers must highlight a warning message to deter users from being careless with its usage. The warning must specify that children below the age of six cannot use this product without supervision. If accidentally swallowed, information on seeking medical help should be outlined.

Lean on an internationally trusted sanitizer brand as it will conform to the above specifications without fail.

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