5 things you MUST do immediately after SEX

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What do you do after sex? Do you cuddle up to each other for a bit? Do you turn around and fall asleep immediately? Or do you perhaps go to the bathroom? We focus a lot on what we do during the deed, but not on things to do after sex.

But what you do immediately after sex is extremely important — and we’re not just talking about cuddling here.

So how should you go about spending your first few minutes post-sex? Well, we have the answers.

Below are some of the five things you must do immediately after you have sex to make sure that your reproductive health is ¹⁰/₁₀, you can follow these crucial steps.

Step 1. Urinate once you’re done

Urinating post-sex can prevent women from developing urinary tract infections (UTI). According to New York City urologist David Kaufman, MD, when women urinate post-sex, they dislodge any bacteria that may have entered their vaginas.

“Bacteria have tiny pilli that act as Velcro hooks, which allow them to attach themselves to the urethral lining,” Kaufmann told Yahoo Health. He adds that the vagina is a mucosal surface. Therefore, it “secretes its own lubrication and has its own ‘healthy’ bacteria,” and that should not be altered.

But peeing after sex can dramatically bring down the possibility of UTI in women. Kaufman recommends that you guzzle a large amount of water after sex too.

Step 2. Cleanse yourself gently

It also helps if you clean up after yourself gently. While wiping your vagina (especially after sex) avoid using fragrant soaps and strong vaginal washes. Instead, use warm water and mild fragrance-free soap to gently cleanse your vulva.

When you use soaps with fragrance, you risk irritating your sensitive privates.

Also, you must avoid vaginal douching. This is the practice of spraying a solution of vinegar and water upwards into the vagina using a bottle, bag or douching syringe. Unfortunately, it can lead to vaginal itching, swelling, and painful sex among other things.

Once you are done cleaning up, gently pat your lady parts dry, then back to bed it is.

Step 3. Check for signs of bleeding or pain

You know your body best, but that doesn’t mean you can take it for granted. Look for post-coitus trauma to your vagina and keep a tab on any pain or bleeding. 

New York-based fertility expert Dr. Sheeva Talebian suggests, “Don’t ignore abnormal bleeding or discharge after sex — it could be a sign of infection or a lesion of your reproductive tract.”

Similarly, any type of pain or bleeding post-sex can be indicative of an infection or friction due to the condom. If you notice any of these, you must immediately speak with your gynecologist.

Step 4. Drink some cranberry juice

Yes, that’s correct. Drinking cranberry juice after sex can reduce the chances of UTI. As mentioned in our article, studies have proved that cranberry juice helps to fight against bacteria.

It does not get broken down by your digestive system, so it is able to reach your urinary tract and prevent any bacteria from remaining on the wall of your bladder.

Also, a recent global study shows that drinking a 240ml glass of cranberry juice a day will reduce symptomatic UTIs by nearly 40 percent in women with recurrent UTIs.

Step 5. Have a look at the condom

You are wise to use a condom, but are you wise enough to also check it afterward? Because doing both is important for your reproductive health.

When you are in the moment, it can be difficult to check if the condom broke. However, once you are through, you must have a look at it. If it broke, chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) increase, along with a high possibility of pregnancy. 

Sometimes the condom can even get stuck inside the vagina and lead to bacterial infections. So make sure you check for all the three things.

Finally, if you had unprotected sex with your partner, you must consider getting tested for pregnancy. This is not to say that you most definitely will get pregnant, but if you are not planning to have more kids, it’s a wise thing to do.

So do remember and follow these things to do after sex, ladies. The cuddling can wait for five minutes!

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