How to Lose Belly Fat - 7 Effective Workouts

Lose Belly Fat

Everyone loves and appreciates a well-toned body. Keeping ourselves fit and healthy is not that difficult. Still, many of us fail to take care of our health. When anyone talks about getting fit, the first thing that strikes us is a rigorous workout. However, one crucial thing that we need to understand is that workout is not a magic wand. Just one swoosh and all our belly fat will vanish.

Getting rid of belly fat is the most difficult part of becoming fit. It doesn't go overnight. Both a healthy diet and regular exercise are equally important. However, for faster results, you can consult an "online phentermine doctor". You can even get an online prescription.

Focussing on just one kind of workout might not be sufficient to lose the belly fat. Experts suggest a combination of strength, core, and cardio exercises will help you in losing your belly fat.

Below we have covered seven effective exercises that are very effective in reducing belly fat.


Before starting with any of the below-mentioned exercises, doing a 10 minute of warm-up is advisable. Once your muscles are warmed up, relax for a few seconds, and start your workout session.


This is one exercise in which almost all the body muscles- chest, biceps, triceps, hip abductors, obliques, hamstrings, abdominals, deltoids, and quads are brought to work. In simpler terms, it's a full-body workout. In addition to this, you can perform this exercise anywhere.

How to do

  • Mountain climber is a kind of plank. Hence, take a plank position keeping arms and legs long. The key to getting excellent results lies in your strong plank position. Keep your body straight and pull your abs in. Now, while pulling your shoulders away from your ears, try squeezing glutes.

  • Start pulling your right knee towards the chest. Prevent your body from sagging by pulling your abs further in. Then take it back to the plank position.

  • While doing that, start pulling your left knee towards the chest and repeat the process. Keep switching your knees as if you are running. While performing this exercise, maintain the plank posture is very important. Maintaining core body stability is very important.


Doing burpees using a medicine ball not only adds more intensity to the workout but also helps in increasing the rate of metabolism. Regular practice of this exercise would also result in getting 6-pack abs. This exercise helps in building muscles of legs, abs, shoulders, arms, and chest.

How to do

  • Stand straight while keeping your feet shoulder-distance apart. Take a medicine ball and hold it with both your hands.

  • Extend your hands upward while holding the ball and then smash the medicine ball on the ground.

  • While holding the ball move your feet back to come into a push-up position. Again, jump and move your feet back in (squat position) such that your feet are placed on either side of the ball.

  • While holding the ball, jump up and lift the ball over your head.

  • Repeat the sequence.


A sprawl is all a full-body workout. It is an advanced version of the burpee. It helps in building abs and involves most of your upper, as well as lower body muscles.

How to do

  • Stand straight. Move your feet such that they are shoulder-distance apart.

  • Take a squat position and touch the ground with your hands.

  • Jump, take your feet back, and come in a plank position. Now, try to touch the ground with your body.

  • Push your body upward. Jump, and again come in a squat position.

  • Jump and stand straight.

  • Repeat the set.


We all know that running helps in burning calories. But, if you are looking forward to burning more calories while running, then add a twist and try running on an incline. You can do this either in your gym by setting your treadmill on an incline or just try to climb up a hill while running. In this, we will be discussing how to run on an incline on a treadmill.

How to do

  • Set your treadmill on an incline. Start jogging or walking on the treadmill for about 10 mins.

  • After 10 minutes, add a pace and start running on the treadmill. Try to push yourself a little bit.

  • Continue running for about 5 minutes and then switch back to jogging.

  • Continue switching between jogging and running. Each set lasts for about 5-10 minutes of walking/jogging and 5 minutes of running. If possible, keep doing it for about half an hour to 45 minutes.


This is a cardio workout, which is very effective if you want to get rid of unwanted belly fat. It works on the same principle as rowing a boat. It not only results in burning calories but also helps in building the muscles of your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and core.

How to do

  • Take a position on the rowing machine. Start rowing and continue doing it for about 20 seconds. Rest your body for 10 seconds. Just remember, not to leave the handle of rowing machine while you rest also, do not get off the machine during your rest time.

  • Check the distance covered by you.

  • Repeat the set 8 times. Try pushing yourself more at every set. Your aim should be to increase your distance with every progressing set.

  • Continue this exercise for about 4 minutes.

  • Once done, start rowing as fast as possible and continue doing it till you reach a mark of 500m.

  • Note the time taken to cover the last 500m. Set this as a target that you need to beat in your next session.


Riding a bicycle is considered one of the very simple and easiest exercises. It is a kind of cardio exercise. If you want to fasten the process of losing weight with this exercise, then you might want to work a little harder. Bicycle exercise not only helps in burning belly fat but also helps in building abdominal muscles.

How to do

  • Lie down with your back touching the ground. Position your hands behind your head.

  • Bring your knees towards your chest while lifting your shoulders and head.

  • Holding left knee in place, move your right hand toward it; side by side straightens your other leg.

  • Repeat the same process with your left elbow and right knee and extend the left leg to keep it straight.

  • Continue doing it such that you get into a paddling motion.

  • Try doing 2-3 sets, and every set should consist of 12-15 repetitions.


This exercise helps in building core muscles.

How to do

  • Lie down on the floor, keeping your arms on the side of your body.

  • Cross your feet and try lifting them upward till they are at 90 degrees from the body.

  • Contract ab muscles.

  • Lift your shoulders and head and try to hold the position for few seconds.

  • Breathe out while lifting the body upward and breathe in a while, lowering down.

  • 1-3 sets, each with 12-16 repetitions, is recommended.


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