How Can you Improve your Cardio for BJJ

How Can you Improve your Cardio for BJJ

Jiu-Jitsu cardio is entirely about balance. One cannot train an energy system & possibly ignore others. For improving the cardio for your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game, you must train everything smartly. Least liked part of BJJ for almost everyone is getting taped. Specifically, the cardio tap. It is the trap that all grapplers hate universally. Luckily there’s a defense for that called BJJ cardio. Cardiovascular strength for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu isn’t so simple like going on a run, endless paddling, or swimming. Conditioning your body formats is the complex subject. Do you roll twice or thrice & find yourself short in-breath? Even when you have been training regularly. All Jiu-Jitsu skills and techniques are of no use if you lack cardio. Improved cardio will not make your game stronger but improve your overall health that is why no one is too late for practicing BJJ. Here are a few tips that can help in improving your cardio for BJJ. 

What is Cardio for BJJ?

BJJ is among those complex combat sports that are forever evolving. The grappling techniques, chokes & guards executed nowadays require aerobic & anaerobic energy systems. Energy systems are those critical physiological mechanisms that human bodies utilize for fulfilling their energy demands. In order to be a good BJJ practitioner, you must include both aerobic & workouts training in the program. 

1) Aerobic System

Aerobic workouts are low-intensity movements that are done for a longer time duration. Grappling requires short & explosive moves. For passing the guard successfully, one needs to chain various passes for succeeding. That will require a lot of energy. For fulfilling those energy requirements, your body relies on the oxygen generated by aerobic metabolism. 

2) Anaerobic System

This energy system is way more complex than aerobic & it is further divided into 2 sub-systems. Anaerobic exercises are short, high-intensity activities where the body needs more oxygen than the supply available. In BJJ grappling, anaerobic energy is vital for quick and explosive movements. Cardio for BJJ works on your anaerobic energy system.

Remember that all your energy systems work together, in relation to each other. One system cannot exclusively engage with each other.

1) Do Warm-up

For achieving the most out of your class & getting the best out of your cardio, do not skip Jiu-jitsu warm-up. Make sure your heart races, you sweat & gasp for breath. BJJ matches typically comprise short intense energy intervals that require high energy. Try to tax your body in the warm-ups, by creating aerobic & anaerobic expenditure. The process of squeezing more during the warm-up plays a great role in improving your BJJ cardio and overall health. 

2) Perform Speed Drills

Usually in your BJJ class when the professor teaches you a technique you get to repeat that for understanding the mechanism. When you fully develop the understanding, you are asked to do that drill quickly. Do not hesitate in repeating the move fast without any break. This move will settle down in your muscle memory that is the key to successful sparring. And improve your BJJ cardio as you do it fast. Always perform the speed drills in the proper form. It actually makes the workout difficult. 

3) Rolling Intensity

Do you get tired easily after BJJ Training? Your rolling intensity plays a major role when it comes to that. Shorten your rolling time duration but increase the intensity. Put more time into practicing matches than on the mat. More effort is required for improving your BJJ cardio. Do not waste your time in rest, keep ongoing for the next roll without giving the partner an easy fight.

4) Roll with the hardest man in the gym

Do not hesitate from rolling with the toughest guy in the gym. It will definitely be hard; you will be required to put in double effort but this will actually boost up your cardio. Come out of your comfort zone If you have been rolling with beginners, end it already! This will make you habitual of easy things in the game and when you will fight somebody who is good at the game, your ego will slap back. Rolling is where you have to challenge your abilities and improve them so you can be the best in the ring!
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