Recommended Foods Men Should Eat More

Foods Men Should Eat More

Many men suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Association of British Nutrition experts recommends that an appropriate diet will ensure the health of men. Here are some useful foods.

Tomatoes protect prostate 

Lycopene (red pigment infection) contains many of the tomatoes, coconut oil and natural foods other red, have a protective effect on the prostate. An adult should eat 100-200gr tomatoes a day to meet the needs lycopene to the body. 

In 1995, Harvard University has done a track with an estimated population of 47,000 people. Results showed that people who ate a tomato once a week is at risk for prostate cancer are 45%. Thus, tomatoes are an indispensable food on the menu every day for men. 

Oats are good for the heart 

If endocrine problems, the men are very susceptible to high blood pressure, stroke and some other diseases. Vitamin E prevents cholesterol can clog blood vessels. Therefore, men should eat nuts, vegetable oils contain vitamin E. Nutrition experts believe that Britain's Niki Beik, oat fiber, very good in protecting blood vessels and reduce the 30% risk of heart disease.

Seafood is good for sperm quality 

Other seafood such as oysters, crabs contain zinc works well in improving sexual function in men. In addition, fish, liver, beef, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed, sesame, peanuts, soybeans, and soy products also work as above. Every day, men should absorb about 15mg of zinc.

Fruits reduce tiredness because of work pressure 

As a member of the family pillar, men frequently encountered due to work pressure. Therefore, in the daily diet, they need additional vitamin C. Foods high in vitamin C include kiwi, oranges, broccoli, asparagus ...

Garlic reduces fatigue 

Some people do not know all the uses of garlic on human health. In addition to antibacterial, garlic also enhances the absorption of vitamin B1 and promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates to produce energy and reduce fatigue. Can not ignore the ability to boost the immune system, antioxidants and reduced risk of cancer of the garlic

Marine fish may reduce the risk of vascular 

When the higher life expectancy, the risk of stroke in men is higher. Eat fish live at depths will reduce the possibility of this disease. Besides, Omega3 fatty acids found in the collection, grouper, salmon ... also have a protective effect reducing the risk of blood vessels.

Red wine against atherosclerosis 

The antioxidants in red wine can work to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevention of atherosclerosis. Recent research findings also showed that red wine is good for preventing Alzheimer's disease (memory loss) in men. On average, a person should absorb about 100-150ml/day.

Drink plenty of water good for the brain 

The human brain is 75% water, if dehydration, brain parts affected first, leading to fatigue, slow response. Due to busy work, so men tend to forget the daily habit of drinking water. So, in addition to absorbing water during meals through the soup, men need to add water. Every day, men should maintain 1.200ml drinking water, equivalent to two bottles of mineral water.

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