How to Make Money Online in Kenya with MGID

How to Make Money Online in Kenya with MGID

If you own a blog, you can easily make money online through MGID.In Kenya, several individuals own blogs but they haven’t found a meaningful way to make money. As a new blogger, I faced the same situation, where I was torn between affiliate marketing and contextual advertising, but I finally realized the need to use MGID on my blog.

MGID is one sure way to make genuine money from your blog without a sweat. One thing I like about it is that it’s not as strict as AdSense in terms of application requirements. Once you apply, they will approve your application in less than 48 hours, You will then be required to create a widget and place it in your blog.

Sometime back a blogger contacted me after he got frustrated with AdSense.He wanted to know which other ways he can make money online. While I knew other monetization strategies, I referred him to MGID. A month later, he contacted me saying he had made Ksh 40,000 that month and he is aiming at Ksh1,000. I felt some joy, that my advice works. As a blogger, I feel happy when other bloggers are also enjoying as we enjoy. I feel useful when my advice works for other bloggers. If today I advise you to do this and my idea makes you happy, I feel I have fulfilled my purpose. So, today I want to inform you about MGID, which I am also using in my blog, join today and send me an email one month later about your findings.

I have always revealed the amount of money one can get from MGID.In short, if you’re using AdSense, MGID will generate 80% -100% of the amount of money you make from AdSense. Assuming you make Ksh20,000 every month from AdSense, you will add around Ksh15,000 through MGID.So in total, your income will rise from Ksh 20,000 to Ksh35,000

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