In 2003, my mom decided to move us from Nairobi to Eldoret because life was unbearable and hard. So I joined GreenPark Academy, while there I had a best friend called Gideon Too who wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to be a pilot. Our goal was to fly all over the world-changing the world and alleviating human suffering through medicine. I am not sure if he remembers this but today I am where I am because of what we started here.

Going into high school, my dreams somehow stuck with me, my favorite subjects were Music, Agriculture, Business Studies but I promise you I did top all my sciences and mathematics, and this time I personally wanted to do medicine. Tragedy struck in 2007 when we had post-election violence and somehow instead of completing my studies in Eldoret, we were rudely uprooted from Eldoret and adjust and sit for my exams in a new town miles away from the comfort of my friends and teachers in Eldoret. I sat for my papers and also this time, I fell short of my medicine scores, and instead, I was called to join Kenyatta University to Statistics. As God would have it, I ended up doing Business Information Technology (BBIT) at Strathmore University.

Sometimes when I look back, I feel like I have been drifting far away from my dreams in life. While at Strathmore University I ended up enjoying programming. Under the mentorship of Nicodemus Maingi I did great systems for the Ministry of Health, Kenya through the Strathmore Research department. We did systems like Health Commodities Management Platform and mSOS for disease surveillance with support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Kenya under Mitsuru Toda and I got to meet great people like Kariuki Jackson, Patrick Kinyua, ACIM, and many others who worked to improve the medical sector in Kenya before I joined Standard Chartered Bank.

Looking back as I decided to start my new chapter in running UBUNTU PSYCHIATRIC AND FAMILY HOSPITAL, God had all along been working on my dream without me being aware. Today, I have all the knowledge I could want to manage the hospital from all the lessons I got from working as an analyst, programmer, and business development manager.

Today I may not be a doctor but I am managing the greatest team that can enable me to achieve my dream. Today I can say my dream hasn't died, just living the dream in another form. I am not superstitious but like in the African stories we are usually told when someone dies, he/ she comes back in another form, this is my dream reincarnated. So it has been three months now and I promise you that this new journey seems to be hard than the ones I was in but to achieve one's dreams, you have to fight the temptation of giving up.

So when you ask me why I started a hospital of all the career paths I would have taken, I assure you there is nothing else I would rather be doing now. I have always wanted to be a doctor and today I am the biggest doctor by being the director of the biggest orchestra. I may not hold a stethoscope to find out how you are doing or I may not hold a blade to fix you during surgeries but I will get you the best care you can wish for at my facility. My work is to bring the medical and the non-medical staff to work in synchronization like in a symphony to achieve the perfect song. You might say am the doctor to my doctors and together, excellence is going to be the story we shall write in a few years.

At UBUNTU PSYCHIATRIC AND FAMILY HOSPITAL, we pride ourselves in excellence and we endeavor to create the perfect ambiance and customer experience. As we forge our path in this complicated I want you to know that the dream has taken more than 15 years to come to reality. So while we might be new in the field, our desires are laser-sharp and our goal is focused so rest assured that as you visit us, we shall give you the utmost care.

Never give up on your dream, somehow God knows how to fit everything in his plan. All you have to do is trust him and always trust that everything will someday line up for your dreams to come true in the perfect moment. Go after your dreams even when they look far-fetched. $ads={2}
Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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