Showering with the one you LOVE❤️ is Healthy. See HOW!

Couple in the shower romance
It is important for couples to take a shower together as it not only strengthens the relationship but also helps keep one healthy in a lot of ways.

Did you know showering with a partner can relieve you of the deadliest and silent killer - stress? Yes, taking a shower with your partner can reduce stress much faster and better than a cup of green tea. Taking a bath together with your loved ones can ease the tension in your nerves. read more about the health risks of stress

Here are more benefits that we present to you.

Body care

Usually, the back of your body will be difficult to reach for cleaning when you bathe alone. With a shared bath, each pair will be able to cleanse the back of the body, your body will be well maintained.

Increase confidence

By bathing together, your emotional bond with your partner will increase so you will be very confident to be able to overcome the problems that occur in the life of the household.

Good for heart health

If you bath along with a soak in warm water, then you will get the extra benefits in addition to your increasingly harmonious relationship. Namely, your heart health will be better because your blood circulation becomes smooth due to the influence of warm water.

Calming the nerves

Similar to making love, taking a bath with your partner will also be able to calm the nerves.

Relieves headaches

A recent study found the fact of an interconnection between bathing with a partner with the onset of headache pain. This is because in the process of bathing together, there will be physical touches accompanied by water splash, causing a stimulus that can calm the tensions in the head so that the pain of a headache will subside. If you are experiencing any of these headaches, contact your doctor immediately!

Build intimacy and sensuality

Bathing together with a partner is the same as embracing in bed. By bathing together, it’s as if you share everything together with your partner. That way your relationship with a partner will be more intimate and increased from the aspect of sensuality.

Build a more harmonious communication

Communication can also be done including communicating the problems that occur in your relationship. The atmosphere of the bathroom and the splash of water will help your mind and your partner to keep up with the problem more calmly and positively.
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