How to Dress Up if you are Skinny

How to Dress Up if you are Skinny

Many of us girls think that having a plus-size figure is painful. But wearing stylish clothes if you are skinny also has its obstacles. So, here are some fashion tips for skinny girls that will tell you how to dress up if you are skinny. These tips will help you look stylish without drawing attention to your figure. Skinny girls cannot wear anything and everything. We all have individual body shapes and we should keep this in mind while selecting clothes. According to the fashion experts, though there are a number of fashion trends that look good on skinny women, there are few key items that every skinny woman should invest in. So, let's check out some of the Top Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls that will make you look fascinating every time you look at the mirror ๐Ÿ™‚

Top Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Go for Horizontal Stripes

It comes on top of the list of fashion tips for skinny girls. Vertical stripes are great for oversized ladies, but those who are skinny should avoid this at any cost. Vertical stripes give an illusion of long and slim body, whereas the skinny beauties just want the opposite. So, go for horizontal stripes always as they make you look slightly broader.

Avoid High Heels

High heels also give the impression of a slim and slender body. Moreover, wearing high heels if you are skinny, will make you look like a straight line without any curves. Flats or boots are best type of footwear for skinny beauties. They go in almost all kinds of dresses. But if you are going somewhere where the dress code demands to wear high heels, then opt for a pair of shoes with tiny heels.

No Skinny Jeans Please

This is one of the most important fashion tips for skinny girls. Some people say that skinny girls look best in skinny jeans. But this is not 100% right. Skinny jeans often create the illusion of abnormally long legs, especially for skinny girls and it looks like they have only legs in their body and nothing else. Boot-cut trousers or flared pants are good choices for skinny girls. They are very helpful to create an illusion of a curvy silhouette. Avoid palazzo or similar types of extra wide-legged pants as they will make your legs look lost altogether. Slim straight-cut jeans are good for skinny girls, but if you can’t live without skinny jeans, go for bolder prints and brighter colors.

If you love wearing mini skirts, go for bubble skirts, flare skirts, and A-line skirts and make sure they are well-fitted and not more than 4 inches above your knees. Asymmetrical, tube or pencil skirts that tapers at the knee is also good if you are thin. When choosing shorts, go for the shorter ones which are well-fitted, not too loose and not too tight.

Say Yes to Layering

Layering is very much in trend. Layering is also one of the great fashion tips for skinny girls to create the illusion of a curvy body. Try to pick different fabrics and colors for different layers. The thickness of the layers should also increase as you gradually go from the first one to the last one. The length of the layers should also increase from the inner to the outer side.

Choose Bold Colors

Another top fashion tips for skinny girls is to wear bold colors. Wear vibrant shades as they help to create volume and make you look broader. Avoid monochromatic outfits. If you want to conceal your skinny figure, go for outfits with two or three different color combinations.


Apart from clothes, accessories are another important aspect of our fashion. So, check out these fashion tips for skinny girls.

  • Thick or skinny belts, when paired with a floaty dress or top, help to accentuate your slim waist.
  • Chunky scarves and shawls suit well with those with thin and long neck.
  • Statement necklaces, such as a big beaded one when paired with round neckline can create a fuller look. Wear several bangles – wooden or metal – or go for a chunky bracelet to add curves as well as jazz up a dull outfit.

Keep in mind these Top Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls. Hope now you know how to dress up if you are skinny. Choose right colors, textures and pair them with right accessories and soon “That Skinny Girl” will turn into “Wow! Elegant Lady” ๐Ÿ™‚

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