Tips for choosing the right soap for the baby

Tips for choosing the right soap for the baby

Soap for newborn babies should be gentle and mild as a newborn baby’s skin is delicate. While choosing a soap for newborns, parents must choose the one which has natural ingredients and is safe for the baby’s skin. Find tips for choosing the right baby soap.

The skin of newborn babies is extremely sensitive. Hence it requires to be washed with utmost care. To keep the infant healthy it is important to keep the skin clean. Soaps containing harsh chemicals can harm the baby’s skin and may not be good for the baby’s overall health.

Most of the time, cleaning a baby’s skin with plain water will suffice. However, there is no harm in making use of mild soaps that contain natural oils like that of coconut, palm, and olive. Soaps rich in herbs can also be used for babies. The category of soap that must be avoided at all cost are the antibacterial ones.

How to Choose Right Soap for Newborns

Here are a few tips for choosing the right soap for your infant:

Gentle Baby Soaps - Go in for a baby soap which is not toxic and is gentle.

Avoid Extra Lather Soaps - Washing a baby’s skin is not the same as washing an adult’s skin. There is absolutely no point in going in for extra lather soaps which look good only in television commercials.

Baby Soaps with Mild Fragrances -Although there is a wide variety of baby soaps available with different scents it is advisable to go in for the soaps which do not have a smell. Infants, if they dislike the scent of the soap will end up crying since there is no other way in which they can express their displeasure. Also, such soaps contain chemicals that can cause an adverse reaction on the baby's skin. Hence, odorless soaps are the best for babies.

How to Find if Soap is Harmful to the Baby

Here is how you can figure out if the baby soap that you are making use of is not causing any skin irritation or allergy.

To ensure that the soap is non-toxic and hypoallergenic you must carefully analyze the ingredients of the soap. Check out each of the ingredients mentioned on the package on the internet to ensure that it is not capable of causing any allergic reaction. If you notice rashes or any other form of skin irritation immediately discontinue the use of the baby soap. In case of any doubt double-check with your doctor.

Soaps made of natural ingredients are ideal for sensitive baby skin. Soaps with such ingredients soothe the baby’s skin. Ingredients like almond oil, olive oil, and milk are completely natural moisturizing agents that are suitable for the infant's skin.

Many new parents get enamored by the concept of bubble bath for small babies. However, bubble bath products normally contain detergents that are capable of destroying beneficial bacteria and harming the infant's skin’s natural acid mantle. Research has indicated that a bubble bath is one of the most common causes of vaginitis and urinary tract infections in infants. Instead of bubble bath add a few drops of lavender oil to the baby’s bathwater which will produce a very pleasant scent. This natural oil will not cause any adverse effects on the infant's skin.

Golden Rule for Toddler Skin

Although it is essential to keep a baby clean, it is not necessary to bathe her every day. Giving a bath on alternate days is enough for the first few months. Sponging the baby’s face, hands, necks, and bottom every day will ensure that she stays clean most of the time.

The use of mild soap may however be required in the diaper area.

Today the market is flooded with skincare products for newborn babies. In the good old days to bathe infants gram flour was believed to be the best. While most of the baby soaps are alright for the majority of infants here are a few things which must be avoided:

  • Perfumed soaps, lotions, and shampoos

  • Laundry soaps with perfumes and dyes

  • Deodorant soaps

Bathing a newborn baby can be an exciting experience with good baby soap. A mild soap or a baby bath liquid is good a choice for bathing a newborn. While choosing baby soap, look for the ingredients. All-natural ingredients are gentle for the delicate baby skin. All soaps are mild irritants but choosing the mildest soap will be less irritating for the baby. Choosing the right soap for a newborn will make the bath time a happy time for your baby.


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