Steps to avoid a Hangover After a Drinking Party

Hangover After a Drinking Party

During a party, or as young people like to call it “bash,” some of us occasionally indulge a little too much.

Especially where nights out are concerned. In the spirit of the partying mood, we obviously want to enjoy ourselves to the max. These tips we are sharing are to help you indulge and survive this by avoiding a hangover.

Laying the foundation 

Before heading out to paint the town red, be sure to have a great meal filled with lots of healthy carbs, meat, and water. This will definitely help you handle your liquor a little better.


Water IS life. Remember to hydrate before indulging, during and after imbibing because alcohol dehydrates you. Drink a glass of water when you get home after a night of fun. It will definitely help you the next day and reduce bathroom runs. 

Tip: Don’t go to the bathroom in your dream, it’s a setup! 

Pace yourself 

When people are out having a good time, sometimes they get carried away. You find yourself drinking a bit quicker in the midst of the excitement. Slow down champ, REMEMBER, “hurry, hurry has no blessings”. 

Break your fast in style 

A hearty breakfast the following day will definitely go a long way. Alcohol will lead to a drop in your blood sugar. To get it back to where it needs to be, you need to eat a great breakfast. Make sure to start with a glass of apple juice to boost your blood sugar level and scrambled eggs with lots of veggies. 


Make sure that you get a restful night or day, before and after a great night. It may not completely eliminate the effects of the hangover, but it will definitely go a long way to help you recover. 

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