What to Look Out for When Choosing a Diaper for Your Baby

Kid wearing pampers diaper

When your baby is born, you are concerned about the well-being and comfort of your baby.

Diapering your baby is one thing that new mamas need to take a step back, breathe and handle carefully. Every baby is different and unique, a brand that might have worked well for your first child, might not work so well with the second.

To have a happy baby, and to make parenting a tad bit easier, especially for the new mamas, let’s look at things to consider when choosing a diaper.


A good diaper is supposed to keep wetness away from your baby’s skin, which in-turn keeps irritation, rashes, and chafing at bay. When picking out a diaper, always look out for its absorbency.

Softness and Stretch

A popular diaper brand tells us that a soft surface gently protects your baby’s delicate skin, and its stretchy sides allow you to comfortably adjust the diaper to your baby’s unique shape for a custom fit.

Wetness Indicator

Most people don’t even know that diapers have this indicator. The wetness indicator is a colored line on the diaper that turns from yellow to blue to let you know when it may be time for a change. Instead of sticking a finger in the baby’s diaper every 2 hours, just look out for the wetness indicator.

Shaped for Newborns

A good diaper should have a cutout on the front that should allow it to go around the baby’s umbilical area. This helps keep the area dry and exposed to air to help it heal. When picking out a diaper for a newborn, look out for this shape.

Baby’s size

Diapers are sized by the weight of your baby. However, most children vary in size at different ages. Most diapers a double elastic sealing edge that protects against leakages; one edge just along with the absorbent core, and one along with the outer shell of the diaper, look out for a fit that suits your baby’s weight.

Baby’s Age

The baby’s age is an important factor. it is important to purchase diapers and pull-ups that are befitting of the child’s age, size, and stage of development. Every child is different as we said, so it is important for parents to take their child’s development into consideration when buying diapers.


Lastly, your budget. Parents need to know that they do not have to break the bank in order to buy diapers. First, know how much you are willing to spend and then make research putting into consideration the factors mentioned above before making a trip to the store.

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