Top 5 Benefits of Remote Working in Kenya

Top 5 Benefits of Remote Working in Kenya

Most organizations in Kenya have adopted remote working due to the spread of COVID-19. It has been hard as employers try to provide the necessary tools to their employees. However, employees have quickly picked up the pace and adapted to working from home.

Here are the top 5 benefits of remote working in Kenya;

Creates better work-life balance

Remote working in Kenya creates flexibility. An employee can choose how to start the day and end their day as long as their work is complete. Also, an employee does a lot as there are fewer distractions from co-workers. Employees can attend to their personal needs and get work done.

Reduces commuting strain

Working from home greatly reduces the amount of time and energy spent on commuting to work. Employees take an hour or two commuting to work depending on the location. The whole process increases levels of stress and anxiety in employees. Remote working supports employees with physical and mental health. In addition, an employee arrives at their work desk fresh and ready to work.

Saves money for both employees and employers

Remote working in Kenya saves organizations money. Renting office space, furnishing the office space, and maintaining the office costs money. With employees working from home, there is no need for spending all that money. It can be used to improve other sectors of the business instead. Moreover, working from home reduces traveling costs for employees. They can spend the money on essential needs. This creates a more healthy and happier workforce.

Increased productivity and performance

Employees tend to be more productive when they feel that their employers trust them. While working from home there are fewer distractions. Also, the lack of commuting to the office increases employee’s productivity and work performance.

A happier healthy life

Remote employees are happier and healthier. Working from home reduces the stress levels, provides more time for employees to indulge in their hobbies, improves their personal relationships and other interests. Both employers and employees have more time to take care of themselves. Above all, working from home provides employees with more time and an environment to make healthy choices.


There is a lot of uncertainty about how the future of work will look like post-COVID-19. Will companies open their offices? Will they adopt remote working fully? Remote working has its benefits that aim at improving both the employee and the employer.
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