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St. Paul’s University (SPU)

If you are considering St Paul’s University as your university of choice, then the first thing you must do is to know the courses offered followed by the fees paid for these courses. In this article, we take a look at some of the courses offered in the institution together with the required fees and how to apply to be considered. 

St Paul’s University is one of the private universities in Kenya. It has campuses in Nairobi, Nakuru, Machakos, and its main campus being at Limuru. The university offers many courses from certificate to doctorate level.

Why choose Saint Paul University?

Intimate classes and low student-teacher ratio
Safe, secure, and friendly campus with personalized services
Bilingual setting in the heart of Ottawa, Canada's National Capital
The diverse student population and international vision
Advantageous College Credit Transfer program
Solid reputation, experience, history, and Catholic tradition.

Courses offered at St Paul’s University

There are many courses offered at the university. The courses range from certificate programmes whose minimum entry requirement is D+ at KCSE to postgraduate programmes. Below are St Paul’s University courses categorised under the faculties. 

Faculty of Business, Computer Science and Communication Studies

Are you a business, computer or communication course enthusiast? You can find the courses below at St. Paul's University.

Certificate programmes

Certificate in Business Management
Certificate in Business Information Technology
Certificate in Communication
Certificate in Computer Science

Diploma programmes

Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT)
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Communication
Diploma in Film Production
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Journalism
Diploma in Public Relations

Degree programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Bachelor of Business Administration & Management
Bachelor of Business and Information Technology
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems

Faculty of Theology

Under theology, you will find the courses listed below.

Certificate programmes

Certificate in Theology
Certificate in Music

Diploma programmes

Diploma in Music
Diploma in Sign Language Interpretation
Diploma in Theology

Degree programmes

Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Translation Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

In this faculty a number of programmes are offered. Let us look at them.

Certificate programmes

Certificate in Community Development and Social Work
Certificate in Criminology and Security Management
Certificate in Higher Education Instructional Design and Teaching

Diploma programmes

Diploma in Community Development
Diploma in Counseling Psychology
Diploma in Criminology and Security Management
Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
Diploma in Leadership and Management
Diploma in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
Diploma in Social Work
Diploma in Education (Arts)
Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education)

Degree programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Security Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management
Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
Bachelor of Education (Arts)
Bachelor of Education (Special Needs)
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE)
Bachelor of Science in Health Records Management and Informatics
Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management and Economics
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

College of Health Sciences

Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Diploma in Community Health and Development
Diploma in Health Records Management and Informatics

Postgraduate Programmes

If you are through with your undergraduate, St Paul's University has the following postgraduate courses for you.

Doctorate Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

Masters' Programmes

Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership
Master of Arts in Communication Studies
Master of Arts in Community Care & HIV/AIDS
Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Master of Theology
Master of Arts in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Development Studies
Master of Education (Early Childhood Studies)
Master of Procurement and Logistics Management
Master of Business Administration and Management
Master of Public Administration and Policy

Higher Diploma Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Pedagogy

Distance learning programmes

The university has some courses offered under distance learning program; these are the courses:

Postgraduate Programmes

Only the following courses are available on Distance learning mode.

Masters' Programmes

Master of Business Administration and Management
Master of Development Studies

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (PR and Development Communication)
Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Management
Bachelor of Business Administration & Management (Accounting, Marketing, Management Science, Business Administration, Purchasing & Supplies Management, Human Resource Management, Banking & Finance)
Bachelor of Divinity

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Community Development
Diploma in Criminology and Security management

St Paul’s University fees

With many programmes being offered at the university, its worth understanding that these programmes attract different fees. You can download the fee structure for any program you wish to pursue on the school's official site.

How to apply for courses at St. Paul’s University

Well, if you are wondering how to apply for your course of choice at the university, worry no more. At St Paul’s University, you can apply either through the online application, or download the application form. If you cannot access the internet, you can as well visit their campuses to pick the form.

St Paul’s University contacts

If you want to contact St Paul University for any inquiries, you can write them letters or emails using the addresses shown below. You can also call them using the mobile numbers given

Postal Address:
St. Paul’s University, Limuru
LIMURU – 00217, KENYA.
Email Address - or

Phone numbers for campuses

Limuru campus

Phone number 1 – 0728669000
Phone number 2 – 0736424440
Phone number 3 – 0701079406

Nairobi campus

Phone number 1 – 020 2511095
Phone number 2 – 0701079407

Phone number 3 – 0788155500

Nakuru campus

Phone number – 0701079409

Machakos campus

Phone number – 0705141002

St Paul’s University has many courses. However, you shall need to consult the institution before applying to get more information concerning the courses offered at their different campuses. The courses are as shown, and if you prefer the distance learning mode, the university has that as well, except that the courses under this program are limited.
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