Things That Men Do Every Day That Destroy Their Sperm

Things That Men Do Every Day That Destroy Their Sperm

Men worry so much about the amount of sperm they produce that they sometimes forget how the quality of their sperm impacts fertility. Below are things that men may not realize, but are destroying their sperm count every day.

Stop using plastic

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a hormone-like chemical used in plastics and can linings. According to researchers, men exposed to it have a higher risk of problems with their contribution to the baby-making process. BPA acts as an endocrine disruptor. The best way to protect your sperm from BPA is by avoiding anything in a plastic container or a metal can–and that’s good advice no matter where you live.

Beware of the wi-fi connection

You may recall being told to keep your laptop off of your lap to prevent the heat from damaging your sperm count. But you may not know that even a computer’s wi-fi connection can hinder male fertility. Radiation from the laptop’s wi-fi connection causes DNA damage and less motility in sperm.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes decreased blood flow to the privates. It also leads to a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Smoking reduces both sperm count (quantity) and motility (how fast those swimmers can reach an egg).

Keep them generals cool

Testicles are normally 4 degrees cooler than the rest of the body, and a substantial rise in temperature affects the sperm count. The color black is also known to attract more heat, as compared to other colors and so wearing black boxers or briefs all the time will increase the amount of heat in your balls and this can affect your sperms. Also wearing briefs or boxers that are not your size and too tight for you, can crush your balls and this can affect your sperm quality.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol is just too much for a guy's sperm to handle and the sperm quality suffers. In men, alcohol consumption may lead to abnormal liver function and a rise in estrogen levels. This interferes with sperm development as well as the hormone levels. Because alcohol is a toxin, it has the ability to kill sperm-generating cells in the testes. Drinking, therefore, lowers sperm quality and quantity and testosterone levels. It can reduce libido and cause impotence.

Avoid keeping mobile phones in your front pocket

A result of a newly revealed that keeping a cell phone in pocket leads to both sperm motility and viability reduction in men subjecting their testicles to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations from their phones. Also, the radiation and vibrations coming from the phone can decrease up to 9 percent of sperm count.

Stress can be damaging

During stress, your body produces stress hormones such as cortisol that decrease the release of basic sex hormones, which play an important role in the production of sperm. This leads to reduced sperm count and decreased sexual activity. The stress of trying to conceive unsuccessfully is also linked to fertility problems. Therefore, it is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and destress as often as possible.

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