10 Problems You Can Solve By Drinking More Water

Drinking water

Hydration is about more than keeping thirst at bay—it has a serious effect on how you look and feel. Here are 10 problems you might be able to solve by drinking more water.

1. Bad mood

Scientists have found that mild dehydration is a mood killer. According to studies conducted by the University of Connecticut and Tufts University researchers, a water loss of just one to two percent made test subjects more tense and anxious.

Fun fix: Let some bubbles lift your spirits. Sparkling water has the feel of a special, celebratory drink, but offers the same hydration benefits as still water.

2. Difficulty concentrating

Those same studies have also found that people who aren’t properly hydrated have a harder time concentrating. Some subjects who didn’t drink enough water suffered from confusion and memory difficulties.

Fun fix: Citrus fruits and peppermint have an invigorating scent, so add them to your sparkling water to energize your senses. Bonus: They taste great, too!

3. Chapped lips

Not drinking enough water is the most common reason for a dried-out kisser. Getting enough H₂O could end up being your best beauty secret.

Fun fix: Raw honey boosts your immune system. Add some honey to your sparkling water for an extra-beneficial (and tasty) drink.

4. Headaches

When you’re dehydrated, blood vessels in your head narrow as a way to regulate your body fluid levels. This causes a headache because it’s more difficult for blood and oxygen to reach your brain.

Fun fix: Spice up your water with a cinnamon stick. In a study published by The Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers found that cinnamon can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

5. Daytime fatigue

It’s easy to blame that afternoon crash on a lack of sleep. But dehydration could be the root cause. Before you sneak in a cat nap, try drinking some water instead. Your boss will thank you.

Fun fix: Give yourself a “point” every time you swap water for another beverage, such as coffee or a cocktail, and put aside whatever money you would have spent on that drink. When you get to 20 points, use the money for a reward.

6. Extra weight

Water itself doesn’t have any magical, fat-burning powers, but increased water intake is linked with weight loss. Drinking water before a meal discourages you from overeating and boosts your metabolism. Picking water over sugary sodas and other calorie-laden drinks are also good for your waistline.

Fun fix: Add spicy peppers or crushed red pepper to your meals. The extra heat will make you want to drink more water. Several studies, including one published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, show that hot peppers kick your metabolism into high gear.

7. Muscle cramps

Muscle contractions can happen when you work out or even when you change positions during a Netflix binge-watching session. Dehydration is the top cause of muscle cramps.

Fun fix: Add cucumber or watermelon (or both!) to your sparkling water. Not only will they give your drink a light and lovely flavor, but you’ll get extra water in your diet when you eat them.

8. Kidney stones

Low fluid intake and dehydration are major risk factors for kidney stones. Drinking enough water is key to kidney health.

Fun fix: Grapes, cranberries, and blueberries help improve kidney function, too. Instead of using plain ice cubes, freeze these fruits into your cubes for a pretty (and pretty delicious) addition to your water.

9. Constipation

Dehydration is the most common cause of this problem you’d probably rather not talk about. Your body needs water to flush out waste.

Fun fix: Use sparkling water and your favorite flavorings to make popsicles with a little extra oomph! Just freeze your liquid mixture in popsicle molds or in ice cube trays with toothpicks, and you’re ready to enjoy.

10. Hangover

Dehydration is behind many of the pains a hangover can cause. After overdoing it, down 16 to 20 ounces of water before bed. You’ll feel much better in the morning.

Fun fix: Alternating water with alcoholic beverages helps prevent a hangover in the first place. A non-boring way to do so is by flavoring sparkling water. You might be inspired to skip the booze altogether.

By Marcia Simmons: www.sodastream.com
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