If you’ve ever felt like your vagina was anything less than magical, your yoni might be in need of a pep talk. Yoni massage is the latest self-empowerment tool to hit the niche of sacred sexuality, and this unique form of therapy promises to heal and fulfill our sensual selves with a spiritual touch.

Yoni massage offers a holistic approach to feminine well being and should form an important part of a woman’s health-care regime. Yoni massage sometimes referred to as yoni massage therapy or vaginal massage, carries many benefits which include stress and anxiety relief, the release of negative and stagnant emotions, increased orgasmic potential, increased vitality, improved creativity and a deeper connection to the body.

The human body can store unprocessed emotions and over time these unprocessed emotions accumulate and become stagnant. The body keeps a score. In particular, a woman’s Yoni can hold a magnitude of negative and stagnant emotions due to societal conditioning, sexual experiences, childbirth, cellular memories and belief systems that are inherited through our DNA from our ancestors. This build-up of emotions can cause imbalance and can manifest in a variety of health problems including endometriosis, urinary tract infections, sensitivity, and pain; professional yoni massage has helped thousands of women find emotional and physical equilibrium and has helped them overcome health problems and avoid related health issues showing up in their future through the release of emotions.

What is a Yoni massage?

Yoni is a beautiful Sanskrit term for the vagina meaning ‘sacred space’. Yoni massage therapy is part of a holistic tantric bodywork session of which the yoni massage is an important element, but is not the sole focus of the work, the yoni massage is performed to release negative emotions and is a sensitive and respectful treatment that offers women a profound and direct feminine embodied experience capable of creating remarkable transformations in their lives; Yoni massage is a treatment that truly honors a woman and one in which a woman can learn to allow herself to receive, without expectation and learn to trust and fully surrender through sacred touch in a safe and nurturing environment.

Yoni massage helps women to release pent up emotions, numbness, pain, stagnant emotions and creates new healthy patterns and authentic connections with sensuality, sexual energy (life force energy), intimacy and healthy revitalization.

Why do women need a Yoni Massage?

Many women carry shame and negative thoughts and feelings towards their yoni’s, believing them to be embarrassing or the wrong size, shape, appearance. The yoni should be treated with respect as divine and perfect. Beginning to recognize the beauty of the yoni through yoni massage is empowering to women and allows a woman to claim her strong, feminine power back and begin to have a positive relationship with her Yoni as a sacred and natural part of her body.

Every day thousands of women go for back massages and facials, the yoni is an important part of the body that stores tension and negative emotions so why not dedicate time and energy for this important part of the body?

Because women are still influenced by centuries of patriarchal repression, negative social conditioning, shame and guilt around their bodies and their sexuality, many women carry guilt, shame and repression and a yoni massage can help women to become truly released from within.

What will I get out of a Yoni massage session?

As in other parts of our bodies, we tend to carry a lot of tension, emotions, and negativity in our Yonis. The yoni is so receptive that she absorbs everything like a sponge and retains all these negative and stagnant emotions and this can result in pain, eventually, the body turns off the pain by creating numbness. Blood and energy stops flowing and numbness takes over.

The negative and stagnant emotions can build up gradually through seemingly small events such as unpleasant or insensitive sexual intercourse, boundaries being crossed, partners being selfish, being unable to express desires, hurtful comments on the look of the yoni, childbirth, and surgical procedures.

Everything a woman doesn’t want to feel she pushes “down” into her Yoni and the yoni becomes a negative storehouse for unwanted emotions. Many women become completely disconnected with their yoni’s referring to their yoni as ‘down below’ or ‘down there’ as if it is some alien area that is not connected to their body. Each negative emotion and experience is stored in the cells of the yoni, resulting in pleasure being blocked.

Through Yoni massage negative emotions can be cleared away, bringing freedom and awareness to areas where sexual pleasure is available.

By releasing stagnant emotions, shame, guilt and negative believes that are deep-seated within the Yoni and opening up the channels for sexual energy to flow, yoni massage opens the gate for women to experience deep fulfilling orgasm’ and to experience increased sexual wellbeing and enhanced health and well being in all areas of life including improved self-esteem, creativity and deepen your sense of intimacy with yourself and others.

What Happens During a Yoni Massage Session?

For starters, we know what you’re thinking, and the answer is: yes, your entire pelvic area will be massaged, and this includes around your vulva and inside the vagina. But hold up, no one’s going to toss you down on an exam table and start digging around! This definitely isn’t a trip to the gyno.

A session generally runs 3 hours, beginning with some tea and introductions to set a comfortable mood, and an entire hour of counseling before any potential disrobing. Some first-timers choose to forego any actual touch therapy until a later session – or never. Consent is an obvious top priority.

It’s totally okay to be nervous, too. Most women aren’t calm from the get-go of their first session, but leave completely convinced of the power of feminine touch.

Your practitioner will spend at least the first hour in conversation, letting you talk through your sexual experiences and asking thoughtful questions that can lead to self-discovery and healing. If you do decide to follow with the massage, the practitioner now has a better idea of which physical areas need healing.

Your consent will of utmost concern throughout the entire session, and every touch is up to you. You’re welcome to stop at any time and discuss difficult emotions with your therapist.

The Five Yoni Massage Techniques

Once you’ve warmed her body up with a breast massage and nipple stimulation, move on to the yoni massage.

1. Circling.

Circle the tip of the clitoris with the tip of your finger to stimulate arousal, varying from smaller circles to larger ones. Alternate the pressure from light to heavy.

2. Pushing and pulling.

Push down on the clitoris and make a small push and pull strokes, and then slide your finger down the shaft of the clitoris. Do this on both sides of the shaft, keeping in mind that some women are more sensitive on one part of the clitoris than another.

3. Tugging and rolling.

To tug the clitoris, pull it gently away from the body by grasping at the sides and tugging back and forth. You can also move lower and tug the sides of the lips. Keep varying strokes from the top of the clitoris down to the lips. To roll the clitoris, start by holding it firmly and rolling between the thumb and the index finger—kind of like you’re making a tiny violin motion with your fingers.

4. Tapping

Using one or more fingers, tap the clitoris in varying rhythms from fast to slow to learn what the body responds to most.

5. G-spot massage

To find the G-spot, curve your first two fingers like the letter C and slide them into the vagina. Feel for a soft, spongy piece of skin behind the clitoris. You can massage it by making a come hither movement with your curved fingers. Vary between fast and slow strokes. You can also tickle the clit simultaneously at the tip, or place pressure on or above the pubic bone.

Make sure to mix up all the above and vacillate between stimulating the clitoris in various ways, while also involving the G-spot and nipples.

Is Yoni Massage Meant To Be A Sexual Experience?

The idea of a vaginal and vulvar massage could be the ultimate turn-on, or totally off-putting. But don’t be mistaken – yoni massage isn’t designed as an erotic experience.

The point of this specific therapy session isn’t physical arousal. Many women have laughed or cried as their bodies reacted to sensitivities or released muscle tension, while others describe something akin to a climax that resonates throughout their entire body. The massage portion is actually just that – a massage, albeit obviously one in a very personal space.

There is a chance you’ll discover the location of your G-spot, as practitioners are highly skilled in teaching women about their anatomy, and some women have reached a climax when they felt ready. But truly, your therapist isn’t trying to get you off, and if you don’t feel comfortable taking your session to that level, you’ll still be able to experience the full healing benefits of the massage.


I will say this over and over again - your yoni wants to be touched.

She craves your attention, your care, your embrace, and snuggles. Our bodies are always starving for physical touch. Just think of the power of a great hug, a sensual kiss or deep yoga stretch. Now, just imagine the power of a 10-minute yoni massage!

You are literally holding your Yoni Power in your hands.

Most women have numb vaginas. They simply have no idea what an ALIVE & AWAKE yoni feels like.

Yoni massage, whether done yourself or by a professional, is a whole-body experience that includes touching, releasing, arousing and massaging the whole body, focusing on buttocks, breasts, hips, outside/inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of the body. A yoni massage can be done with hands or with a yoni massage tool. It may or may not end in orgasm.

Here are some of the Physical Benefits of Yoni Massage:

  • Release muscle tension from the pelvic floor, vaginal walls, cervix, and uterus

  • Boost blood circulation & oxygen flow - better flow means more lubrication & intense orgasms!!!

  • Learn to enjoy pleasure and orgasm without a vibrator

  • “Awake’ the G-spot area to experience more pleasure & sensitivity

  • Discover and open your body to cervical orgasms & squirting!

  • Release pelvic floor painful pressure points, muscle stagnation, and spasms, unwanted tightness, irritable friction.

  • Rebuild trust between yoni and physical touch. Your body will begin CRAVING touch & penetration.

  • Explore conscious penetration and teach your body to fully enjoy prolonged penetration

  • Learn how to “control” your orgasms by deepening, lengthening, and expanding them through body play & massage

  • Heal chronic yoni pain (ex. vaginismus) Part of massaging the painful parts in your yoni, you discover parts that do not produce any pain and this can be very encouraging for women. You will discover exactly where the pain sits. Healing is not far away as pain is not “all over” your vagina

  • Improve bowel movement & constipation

  • Explore the orgasmic joys of anal stimulation

  • Improve natural lubrication & stay wet longer!

  • Body relaxation & sexual nourishment through loving touch

  • Massage the tension out of the muscles after a long night of sex

  • Raise sexual libido!

  • Open the body to craving sex more often!

  • Explore your own body and find out what gives you pleasure so you can share with your lover

  • Awaken new erogenous zones in your body

  • Relieve menstrual cramps & irregular periods

If you can dedicate the next year to learning ONE new self-care practice it should be yoni self-massage.
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