Breast Massage and Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know

Breast Massage and Breast Cancer

Boobs. Breasts. Titties. Whatever you want to call them, they play an integral role in your reproductive and overall health.

Taking charge of your health means getting to know your body, how it works and feels, and how to care for it.

With breast cancer (lifetime risk) affecting about one in eight women in the U.S., it’s understandable why the term breast cancer brings up a lot of emotions; from anxiety to fear, to grief. These feelings are totally normal, whether or not breast cancer has touched you personally.

A powerful self-care exercise is breast massage. Your breasts are your love pillows. Our breasts represent mothering, nurturing, and nourishment. Our breasts and our hearts are our Love Center.

Massaging your breasts is an important part of a woman’s health. However, most women don’t know this. Culturally, it is not something women talk about, let alone do as a normal practice. However, this is something every woman should know about. Breast massage is a beautiful way for a woman to send inward what she so naturally gives to others, her loving, nurturing nature.

In this article, I will explain the benefits of breast massage and give you exercises that you can do.

Massaging your breasts is simple and pleasurable. It helps prevent cancer, as well as detect it. It helps keep breast skin supple and adds resiliency to breast tissue. It is a way to be intimate with your breasts and cultivate self-nourishment. The importance of breast massage is a missing piece of women’s wisdom in our culture. It is divine feminine wisdom.

Breast massage enhances lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system has no pump, as does the circulatory system (the heart is its pump). Massaging the breasts increases lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system works in concert with your immune system and your emotions. Your immune system and emotions hold the secret to your longevity. Breast massage stimulates the immune system and nurtures your emotions. The thymus gland, which is the master gland of the immune system, is located right above the heart and is touched and positively affected when you massage your breasts.

In addition, breast self-massage is safe and, like few things in life, free. With all these benefits, how can you not incorporate this into your life as a woman?

The medical community encourages us to have mammograms. The process may be useful for early detection of breast cancer; however, I believe breasts would rather be massaged instead of radiated, analyzed, pinched, or prodded. I believe all they need is love.

When you visit a gynecologist, they ask if you do regular breast exams and they give you a handout describing how to do it. I think that is fine, but at the same time, I don’t agree fully with the methodology. When you do a breast exam, you are looking for something that is wrong. The mind wants to find something that isn’t supposed to be there. The intention is to look for something defective or wrong. I would rather look for something that is right.

A more positive approach is regular breast massage and feeling all that is right, not wrong, with your breasts. If you practice regular breast self-massage, you will notice if something has changed. The difference is that you won’t be specifically looking for it. Seek and ye shall find. If you seek tumors, you will find them. If you seek health and wellness, you will find it. What do you want to look for?

Breast problems such as cysts, lumps, and soreness are a result of accumulated energy in the breasts. If done regularly, breast self-massage helps to release this energy and free you of these problems.

Women who go braless have a reduced risk of breast cancer by a factor of twenty. Bras with an elastic strap, or worse, an underwire, hinder immune response, slow lymph fluid circulation, and trap energy in the breasts. If you have to wear a bra, take time when you are at home to be bra-less. It is good for your health. By not wearing a bra, you are giving yourself some vibrational nourishment.

The nipples are related to the endocrine system. When you massage your nipples, you can actually affect your endocrine system and hormones in a positive way. The tissue of the breasts is related to your organs, and massaging your breast tissue can affect your organs in a positive way. The breasts are directly connected to the ovaries and uterus, therefore nurturing massage to your breasts also enhances and sends positive energy to your ovaries and uterus. Your nipples also energetically absorb things from the environment. Massaging your nipples allows you to clear this energy and release toxic buildup.

When you massage your breasts, you are filling your breast tissue with life-force energy. You are filling them up. Energetically, your breasts are getting bigger. With a dedicated practice of breast self-massage, women have actually experienced physical enlargement of their breasts. Either way, energetically they are getting bigger. You are filling your whole chest area with nurturing and healing energy, which in turn helps open your heart. The nurturing, healing love energy you cultivate when you massage your breasts is sent inward instead of outward. You are converting your sexual energy into compassion, renewal, and revitalization. You are creating vibrational nourishment in your chest, heart, lungs, and breasts.

When you massage your breasts, you can do it with clothes on or without. You can use massage oil or not. The main thing is to do it and do it regularly. It takes time, dedication, and commitment. I am not perfect at doing breast massage regularly, however I do it as often as I can, and it is a big part of how I have enhanced my relationship with my body.

Gentle breast massage with oil will relieve premenstrual tender nipples and clear stagnant energy that is causing the tenderness. Do it very gently, bringing healing life force energy into the breasts, heart, and chest area.

Breast Massage Technique

When doing breast massage, take enough time for yourself so you can enjoy the experience without distractions.

Rub your hands together to create energy in your hands before you do each of the following breast massage techniques.

Inhale, and then as you exhale, place your hands on your breasts and tune into the feeling of energy and vibrational nourishment penetrating into your breasts. Allow yourself to receive the healing, nurturing, loving energy you are directing into your breasts from your hands.

Below are the different techniques. See you if you come up with others as well.

Breast Massage Methods

Nipples – After rubbing your hands together and inhaling, place the palms of your hands over your nipples. Then tune in and experience your breasts receiving the energy coming into your nipples.

Breast Tissue – Place your hands on your breast tissue. Feel the warmth of your hands penetrating deep into your breast tissue. Begin to circle your hands either in an inward rotation or in an outward rotation around the nipples. Move slowly and feel the warmth of your hands penetrating into your breasts. The outward circles are for clearing, and the inward circles are for cultivating. Do the outward circles first to clear, followed by the inward circles to cultivate. The outward circles are generally related to decreasing the size of the breasts, and the inward circles are generally related to increasing the size of the breasts. Take your time and be present with your touch. There is no guarantee that with this technique you can increase your breast size if you so desire, however, with regular dedicated practice it has been known to happen.

Squeeze Breast Tissue – Squeezing the breast tissue also helps release stagnant energy in the breasts. Place your hands on the outer base of each breast and squeeze the tissue in the direction of the nipples. As you squeeze the tissue and move toward the nipples, continue the movement as if you are taking energy out of your breast tissue through your nipples and releasing it out of the body. Do this with an intention for however many cycles you feel are right.

Press and Release – This exercise stimulates the thymus (the master gland of the immune system). Remember, the immune system works in concert with your emotions and the lymphatic system. Place your hands on the lower outside area of your breasts. Press your breast tissue up and inward toward the center of your chest, then release the pressure, releasing your hands from having contact with your breasts (about an inch away). Let the breasts fall back into place. You will experience a feeling of release or energy moving through the center of your chest. This brings energy into your thymus gland as well as moving nourishing energy through your breast tissue.

Alright…. are you ready? Are you worth 3.5 minutes of your time to honor your body and do something that educates you on body wisdom and supports good breast health? YES YOU ARE!!! 

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