Usually, a sports bra is considered ideal for sweaty workout and sports sessions. But, it has become a high-fashion favorite these days. Sturdier, comfortable, well-supported, and moisture-absorbing sports bras are engineered to provide support to the breasts while indulging in any physical activity.

The benefits and importance of wearing a good sports bra

The benefits and importance of wearing a good sports bra. Some women automatically assume they don’t need to wear a sports bra because the sports they participate in does not involve any physical interaction.

How wrong they can be!

Get the size right

Most women associate the wearing of a sports bras as important only when they are involved in physical activity with others.

However, many doctors and sports experts recommend that females with breasts of all shapes and sizes should wear them even when they are not exercising.

To coincide with this we have put together some of the benefits of why you should consider wearing a sports bra.

Sports Bras can help avoid discomfort

If you are a frequent visitor to the gym or partake in a leisurely run or stroll then you should consider wearing a sports bra.

Low-impact exercises, such as daily stretching or jogging, can be uncomfortable if your breasts are not held in place.

Well-designed sports bras of quality are designed to handle every movement and motion of the breasts.

This means that when you move, the sports bra provides maximum support and hold your breasts firmly in place.

Normal regular bras often are not equipped to support this type of movement and may lead to tension on the shoulders.

This can increase sweaty patches under the arms.

Sports Bras can help reduce breast pains

All muscle ligaments in a woman’s breasts actually move from side to side and up and down whenever there is movement.

This may result in darts of pain after you exercise. sports bras are designed to curb the movement of a woman’s breasts.

Some users report less or no pain whatsoever, even after the most rigorous of workouts.

If you suffer any type of breast pain after any physical activity then you may want to seek expert advice.

Always get fitted for a sports bra that provides a comfortable and secure fit to your breasts.

If the pain persists then it is highly recommended that you visit your family GP to source the main reason for discomfort.

Sports Bras help eliminate uncomfortable stares from onlookers

Most women find it annoying and uncomfortable when other people stare at their boobs while they are in the gym or out running?

One of the biggest advantages of wearing a sports bra is that it fits snugly around the upper torso and holds your breasts in place.

This limits the amount of bounce while exercising or taking part in sports.

This is a huge plus especially for women with a big bust.

Even though a sports bra cannot stop others from starring at your chest area, it will reduce any embarrassing and awkward moments of movement.

Sports Bras can reduce long-term sagging

Most researchers agree that the combined movement of the breasts without adequate support can lead to long-term sagging.

Some studies have shown that women who wear sports bras while training or working to leads to having firmer breasts.

This is because a well-fitted sports bra provides ample support to prevent them from prematurely sagging.

Sports Bras are now fashionable

Most of all the leading sports companies and bra makers of today such as Nike, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret have designed sports bras for protection to the breasts.

All of these being smart in their fashion designs.

Sports bras are now available in all different colors and designs with celebrities all donning them in public as part of their fashion sports daywear line up.

It is more common now to see women of all ages wearing a sports bra with leggings or jeans as they go about their daily business.

Sports Bras are a must when recovering from injury

Women who are recovering from any form of sports injury to the top half of the body are strongly advised to wear a sports bra during their time of healing.

It provides extra support to the breast, neck, and back area which will help alleviate some of the pain.

Always seek medical advice on wearing a sports bra after an injury to ensure it does not hinder your recovery.

How Should A Sports Bra Feel?

If you’ve never invested in a sports bra before now, you might need a little guidance. Finding the ideal garment for you is something of a process. It’s smart to try on a wide range of options before you decide on which to buy. With that in mind, here are three questions that may arise when trying on a new sports bra.

Should a sports bra be comfortable?

Your comfort should be your top priority when you’re choosing a sports bra. From lifting weights to running track, you will do a whole range of activities while wearing this piece of clothing. Before you choose the right bra for you, be sure to try on a range of options.

It’s important to note that sports bras may not be as comfortable as your regular bra, especially if you tend to wear a high-support bra, which offers less digging in of straps. The reason is that sports bras serve a different purpose. They need to be tight and firm to make sure that your breasts stay in one position.

Should a sports bra be flexible?

If you have the correct bra size, the one that you choose ought to be flexible as well as comfortable. That means that you should have no issue moving around when you’re wearing it. Again, it could be worth trying it on and testing your movement range here.

Since you will be moving around frequently during exercise, you need a sports bra that will support that motion. You’re going to twist, jump, and bend down. If your bra restricts any of your movement, you will have a problem during your workout. The problem could lead to pain and discomfort that will hinder your activity and could impact your performance.

Are sports bras supposed to be tight?

Without a doubt, you need your sports bra to be supportive. As a golden rule, it should be the most supportive piece of underwear that you own. Research from the University of Portsmouth found that commercial (i.e. non-sports bras) allow up to a 21-centimeter breast bounce rate during sports.

With that in mind, the ideal sports bra should hold your breasts close to your chest and prevent any bouncing when you move. You can test this when you try on a variety of sports bras by jumping up and down. It might feel silly but it’s worth it.

How Should A Sports Bra Fit?

Now that you’re comfortable with your bra size and know-how the bra should feel, it’s time to consider how your sports bra should fit. Unlike other bras, this garment should sit a little closer to your skin and keep your breasts from moving too much when you’re active. When you first slip on a sports bra, there are some quick and easy ways to figure out if the fit is secure.

The cup should cover your entire breast

Does the cup fit you correctly? To find out, you only need to look at the fit of your sports bra. Each cup should fully encompass your breast. Should your breasts spill over the top of the cups, you are likely wearing a small fit. Trying going up a bra size.

The band should not move at all

When the bra is on, take a moment to raise both of your arms above your head. Should the band size be a little too large, the band will rise with your arms. In that case, you should measure your rib cage again and consider opting for a size down.

You should not feel any chafing

Next, let’s talk about the material. If you feel that it chafes in any way or rubs your skin, you might want to consider looking for another sports bra. Needless to say, you will be moving around a great deal when wearing this garment, and so comfort is key.

The straps should be a little flexible

Contrary to popular belief, the support of a bra does not come from the straps. Some women make the mistake of believing that the tighter the straps are, the more support and lift they will get. That is simply not the case. When the fit is right, you should be able to stick two fingers between the straps and your skin. If you can’t do so, they are too tight.

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