I often get asked, can massaging increase breast size? Well, the program that I used to significantly increase my breast size included breast massage, besides supplements, creams, changes in nutrition, and different types of exercise. If you want to find out more about the program that helped me get bigger breasts, go to this post.

How to perform a breast massage the right way

There are many proven and natural ways to shape up your breasts without going under the knife, an effective breast massage technique is one of them. It’s the most relaxing and safest method out there.

Bosom massage can be a very important treatment. Even if it’s performed by yourself it deserves your full attention. Most women underestimate it, even though it’s one of the most effective way for stimulating breast growth and development.

For many years breast massages have been used to stimulate blood circulation within the breast tissue, detoxification, decrease breast soreness because of hormonal fluctuations, prolonged pleasure, and to promote a healthy lymphatic flow. In addition to that, breast massage can be very helpful in spotting any unusual growths and lumps in the mammary gland. If you detect any of those, seek medical advice immediately to prevent any further complications.

Some studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of cancer, but it has not yet been sufficiently explored.

In Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, breast massage is a daily routine for women’s health.

You don’t need costly breast creams, lotions, or serum in order to perform an effective breast massage. To avoid irritation you can buy any lubricant or oil that you feel comfortable with. It’s very affordable and you can get it in your local drug store. I personally use quality cold-pressed olive oil or organic grape seed oil, sometimes coconut oil combined with various essential oils (read the label before buying). You can also try almond or sesame oil. Essential oils that can be used are Clary Sage and Geranium.

The techniques that I am going to share with you are not time-consuming at all, but it takes time to achieve noticeable results. Treat yourself with this relaxing experience for 15-30 minutes a day, and I can guarantee that you’ll feel much better. If you repeat a certain action for 30 days it will become a habit. Some girls reported that they’ve noticed a change in less than 30 days.

So get yourself a relaxing oil or lubricant, a relaxing environment, and let’s start the breast „wellness“ treatment!

First, some rules that you should follow

This is a very VERY gentle process with low pressure, so don’t try to speed up the process by squeezing breasts harder! You will notice that your nipples will become more sensitive. Also, don’t overlook the skin under and above breasts, these parts are very sensitive as well.

Duration: about 15-30 minutes every day but if you can only do it for 5 minutes that’s fine. Better something than nothing. Perform self-massage at least 2-3 times a week.

Use lubrication to avoid skin irritation.

If you want to make it really enjoyable and amazing, then turn on some relaxing music with scented candles.

HOT TIP: Warm the oil by placing a bottle in a container of warm water.

How to massage breast

I would suggest you massage one breast at a time. That way you’ll be more focused on doing the technique right and eliminate the risk of hurting yourself. You can choose whichever you prefer.- First, apply some lubrication on your hands and breasts. Don’t add too much, you don’t want your hands to slide off while massaging.

- Rub hands together and start the massage

- Repeat the process until the lubricant or oil has been completely absorbed by your skin

Breast massage technique

#1 Let’s start with the right breast.

Put your left hand below the armpit and draw your hand inward to the center of your body.

Put your right hand to the side of the breast following the contour and push it from the side to the center of your body.

Move the left hand slightly toward the center of your body. Use your right hand to draw breasts from the side and massage it in a counterclockwise motion.

Repeat the same technique on the left breast as well.

Breast massage technique #2

First, begin with the opposite hand from the breast that you are going to massage (if massaging the left breast, use the right hand, and if massaging the right breast, use the left hand).

Use circular strokes with low to moderate pressure, working out from the nipple and into the underarm. Then again going back to the breast bone (middle of your chest).

Move fingers around your breasts using a circular motion.

Slowly lift your breast and apply low pressure. Smoothly massage and rub your breast. It is important to use only low pressure as this exercise helps move fluids out of the breast.

Twist your breast using both hands (wringing motion)If massaging the left breast, use the fingers of your right hand to slowly lift the breast tissue. From the underarm toward the nipple.

With the opposite hand, put your fingers on your breastbone, then gently follow the grooves of your ribs until you reach the collar bone. Then move your fingers back to the breast bone.

NOTE: Don’t massage if you are pregnant or if you have wounds, bruises, swelling (you should seek advice from your doctor).


You are also free to try any other bosom massage technique that feels good to you. It should be an enjoyable experience. If you aren’t shy and feel comfortable with it, you can seek a breast massage therapist, it’ll definitely be worth your money.

Breast massage is the most safest and rewarding method that is proven to enhance breast growth. Besides increasing blood flow to breast tissue it can also stop the forming of cancerous cells. It’s not an instant result method of course, and I found that being persistent is the most difficult part. If you can stick to it for 30 days it will probably become your everyday ritual and habit.

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