How To Easily Begin A Career In Golf

How To Easily Begin A Career In Golf

Golf is more than a sport. It is a complex business that offers an opportunity for qualified individuals to enjoy a fulfilling and exciting career in golf. In the United States, the golf industry is responsible for providing 2 million jobs; and that should give you an inkling about the immense career potential the golf business offers to trained and qualified individuals. Also, the golf industry has some very lucrative job opportunities for the right individual. Here are a few tips should you choose to pursue a career in golf.

Know the Game

Just like any other profession, a career in golf demands you have the right education. This allows you to understand the game of golf and also be proficient in the industry. The right school will give you hands-on experience in all spheres of golf including play and management. Your choice of school will be an asset and look great on your resume after you graduate. Some even provide credit towards PGA Professional Certification.

Look at Different Job Opportunities

A career in golf does not necessarily mean playing professional golf. There are several more job opportunities in this field. You can easily become a golf instructor, manage a golf course, work with manufacturers of golf equipment, maintain golf facilities and many other related occupations. The choices are varied and vast due to the breadth of the industry, so you do not have to be restricted in your choice of golf jobs and opportunities. There should be an opportunity that piques every passionate golfer’s interest out there.

Build Your Resume

The best way to embark on a career in golf is to keep building your resume. So, while you are studying, look for paid or unpaid internships in golf courses and facilities. You will be surprised to learn that these facilities actually offer several internships to qualified students during the course of the year. Once you get an internship, you will get hands-on experience and that too in different areas of the facility. Internships also are a great way to show golf employers your potential and you never know when you will be offered a full-time position at the facility.


This is perhaps the best way to get a job in the golf industry or any industry for that matter. Learn to network with alumni and other professionals in the golf industry. This will help you find a good job and also open up many opportunities for you. If you have the right network, you will be among the first to know when there is an opening in a golf facility and you can apply for it quickly before the competition enters the field.

Golf-Related Job Boards

Today, there are job boards for everything, including golf. So, become a member of these boards and look for golf-related job opportunities. In fact, these job boards can be a boon, as they often attract hiring managers to look for qualified individuals. Make sure you make meaningful contributions in ongoing discussions on the board, as it will help you get the right attention.

Continue Education

Even after you graduate, it is important to keep learning about the latest advancements in the golf industry. Golf has become very scientific and you will find new turfgrasses, equipment, and management practices coming up every now and then. If you stay current with these new developments, it will help you fulfill your dream of pursuing a career in golf.

Most of these tips are simple and straightforward, but as with any job search, seeking and utilizing the right tools and resources could mean all the difference. Best of luck in landing your dream job in the golf industry. $ads={2}
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