How to Set Up Your Home Office to Be More Productive

How to Set Up Your Home Office to Be More Productive

Working from a home office has its pros and cons. You get to work from the comfort of your house and avoid the hustles of dealing with the commute of going to work. You also create the space to your own liking and decorate it however you want.

But it can also get distracting if you don’t discipline yourself. There is no one to constantly remind you of your working hours or monitor your productivity. Hence, you will find yourself taking unnecessary breaks to catch up on TV, preparing a snack, or even sleeping.

That is why, when setting up a home office, you need to think about how to put it together to increase productivity.

Which Colors Work Best in a Home Office?

You cannot ignore the psychology of color. Colors bring out certain moods and emotions in people. They change a person’s energy and physical reactions. Colors play a role in architecture. Therefore, deciding which color to have in your home is imperative if you are going to make a home office work to your benefit.

Green is a neutral color. It brings out a relaxing, comfortable, fresh and peaceful environment. Concentration levels are high in a green office space.

Blue brings out a feeling of relaxation. It can make someone feel sleepy, therefore ideal for a bedroom and not an office space.

Yellow is used to grab someone’s attention. That is why people use it to highlight text. It evokes happiness and positive energy. When used excessively in an office, it can cause a feeling of anxiety and distraction.

Red brings out an energetic feel. It causes excitement in someone. If you plan on using red, remember to use it only as an accent color and not in the entire room.

Purple invites imagination and creativity. This is another ideal color for a home office in that it will help you to become more focused and concentrate on your work.

White is a subtle color. It can work well with any other accent colors such as red or yellow. They make a room feel warm and relaxed. Remember to combine white with other colors to give the room an energetic feel to it.

How to set up a home office in a small space

If you have limited space in your home to set up an office, the best thing to use to your advantage is a bare wall. Create floating shelves to store your documents and avoid using the floor space. This will make the room look bigger. When saving items, put the ones you use often at the front of the shelf for easier access.

When creating these shelves, use the wall space as high as you can then get a stepping stool for what is not easily within reach. Also, corner shelves are ideal when it comes to saving on space.

What will you need when setting up?

When creating the ideal home office, these are the major things you should consider to make you work more productively.
Office Desk

This is where you will spend most of your time. It will support your work-related items together with your laptop. When thinking of the desk size, pick a size that will give you enough space to help you keep your papers organized. Having papers lying all over the place will make it hard for you to find important documents, will leave your home office untidy, and will decrease your productivity.


Your health and safety are of utmost importance. You will probably sit on this chair an entire day. Therefore, you need to find a comfortable one that compliments the office desk. When purchasing a chair, test its feel to make sure that your back is well supported. An uncomfortable seat will affect how much work you get done.

Natural Light

Having exposure to natural light will increase your productivity and save on electricity bills. You don’t want to have your lights on the entire day when you are working because the room is too dark. Remember to put the office desk close to the window to use the natural light.

Good Internet Connection

It is quite frustrating to constantly have to wait for documents to download or web pages to open because of slow internet speeds. Because of this, you have to look for an alternative place to work like visiting a coffee shop which will waste your time and money. Getting the right internet service provider from the get-go will make working from home so much easier.

Like we stated at the beginning of this article, you need a lot of discipline to work from home. You also need to create an ideal environment that will increase your productivity. Finding the right balance will make you meet those crazy deadlines from the comfort of your home.
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