Neurosurgeons In Kenya: Requirements | Hospitals that offer and List of Neuro Surgeons in Kenya

Neurosurgeons In Kenya

Neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the entire nervous system including the brain and the spinal cord.

Those disorders include hydrocephalus, spina bifida, brain tumors, head injuries, spasticity, and movement disorders, encephaloceles, tethered spinal cords, and spinal cord injuries.

Neurosurgeons are physicians who major in correcting neurological problems through surgery. Neurosurgeons perform surgeries on the central nervous central system. A neurosurgeon can either practice general neurosurgery or be specific. For specific neurosurgery, one can specialize in spine, brain, or periphery nerves.

Neurosurgeon education requirements
To be a neurosurgeon one should have the following education requirements:-
One must undergo undergraduate medical studies that take four years. After four years, one should acquire a medical degree which includes a short-term internship which is about a year.
After the medical degree, one enrolls in a residency program that takes 6-7 years.

Schools offering neurosurgery in Kenya
In Kenya so far it is only the University of Nairobi, the school of medicine that offers neurosurgery studies. It is offered at the masters’ level.

Hospitals with neurosurgeons in Kenya

In Kenya hospitals that offer neurosurgery services are mainly in Nairobi and others that are limited in number are found in other areas.

Below are some of the hospitals that offer neurosurgery services.

Kenyatta hospital-

P.O Box 20723-00202,
Nairobi.Tel. 020-2726300
Cell. 0709 85400/ 0730 643000

Aga khan university hospital– Nairobi neurological& pain clinic at Doctors Plaza
Location: 3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 (0) 20366 2000, 20374 0000

The Nairobi hospital– Nairobi neurological clinic
0703 082 000 – 0730 666000

Upper hill medical centre
Ralph Bunche Road,
P.O. Box 10619 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254 2 2721583
Fax: 254 2 342808

Mp Shah hospital– Dinesh chandaria medical centre
M.P. Shah Hospital
Maharaja House, 1 Shivachi Rd, Nairobi
P.O BOX 14497-00800 Westlands (K)

Rongo district hospital

Coastal general hospital
Kisauni road, Mombasa
Mombasa, Kenya 80100
Phone 0746 909487

Aic kijabe hospital
P.O. Box 20, Kijabe 00220, Kenya

Neurosurgeon fee schedule
Different hospitals have a different fee schedule. In the public hospitals, the fee is subsidized by the government to help more patients to access the services. After subsidizing the patient is required to pay about Ksh 30,000. Without subsidy, the patient was required to pay about 500000- 1 million. In private hospitals, the fee varies from one hospital to another.

Neurosurgeon income
The income of a neurosurgeon in Kenya depends on which sector the neurosurgeon is working for either the private or public sector. The income also depends on the number of patients received in the hospital.

In Kenya, the number of the neurosurgeon is quite small compared to the number of patients.

List of Neuro Surgeons in Kenya

Dr. Hooker Juzar
Reg Number: A3788
Located: 4th Floor, Doctors Plaza, Aga Khan Hospital
Address: P.O. Box 19396, Nairobi
Tel: 020 3744256

Dr. John K. Boore
KNH, Doctors Plaza, Suite 7/8
P.O. Box 2488, Nairobi 00202
0700-206365, 0722-393238

Dr. Kiboi Julius Githinji
Tel: +254 –203740471
+254 –720498015

Kaguri S Kanja (Dr)
Kenyatta National Hospital, Doctors Plaza, Suite 29
Tel: 020-2733221/836 , 0722-380013

Dr Charles Mwangi Kingori

Dr.Florentius Koech
Mediheal Hospital, Eldoret
P.O. Box 7905 – 30100,
Nandi Road, Eldoret, Kenya.
Tel: +254 (0) 723578895
+254 (0) 735864169              List of Neurosurgeons in Kenya 

Dr. Reuben Paul Lubanga
Kenyatta National Hospital, Doctors Plaza, Suite No 6,
Hurlingham Medical Centre, Argwings Kodhek Road
P.O. Box 19888, Nairobi 00202
Tel: 020-2726300, Ext. 44207, 2725872

Dr Gilbert Adogo Maranya
Mombasa Trade Centre Phase 2, 2nd Floor Nkrumah Road
P.O Box 91066, Mombasa 80103
Tel: 041-2223856

Dr Gregory Kaloki Mulunga
P.O.Box 33147-00600 Nairobi

List of Neurosurgeons in Kenya

Dr Peter Gichuru Mwangi
MP Shah Hospital Dinesh Chandaria Medical Centre S2
Kenyatta National Hospital Doctor’s Plaza, Suite 39
Tel: 0723-550489, 0722-779624

Dr Nimrod Juniahs Mwangombe
Department of Surgery College of Health Sciences
University of Nairobi
PO Box 19676, 00202 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0202162064
Mobile: +254 722 523160/736222191

Dr Samuel Njiru
Kenyatta National Hospital Doctor’s Plaza, 3rd Floor, Suite 50 Nairobi
Tel: 0722 390213 0708 008046

Dr Peter Kamau Wanyoike
BSR Hospital
Parklands off Limuru Road
Tel: 254 770 277 277
+254 773 277 277
Email:                      List of Neurosurgeons in Kenya

Dr. Mubashir Mahmood Qureshi
Chairman Neurological Society of Kenya

Dr. David Livingstone Oluoch-Olunya
Consultant Neurosurgeon Lecturer in Department of Surgery College of Health Sciences
The University of Nairobi.
P. O. Box 30197, 00100                 List of Neurosurgeons in Kenya

Prof Gerishom Mudanya Sande

Dr Godfrey Barasa Wasike

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