Download Kenyatta University (KU) Clearance Form [PDF]

Download Kenyatta University (KU) Clearance Form [PDF]

This article has information on how to download the Kenyatta University clearance form for those who are graduating or leaving school.

Read on to know why I wrote this blog post.

In a hurry?

For those who are in a hurry, just click here to download the form and remember to print it in triplicate (a funny word for 3 copies).

Just to make sure that you have the updated form, visit their resources page and click on the "Clearance forms" link.

I took too long to get the document, and I had to send an email to ask for assistance.

You may ask me why I didn't go to the 'old admin' and get one for myself... well, I went there and they asked me to get it from the website. That may be all the information that you will get from the receptionist, depending on the number of people she/he is attending.

By the way, even if you get a copy from the old admin, you'll still have to go to the cyber and get two more photocopies for yourself. Why not download one for yourself and save time?

I personally think they should write the link on a paper and stick it somewhere.

Anyway, I will give you the direct download link and I will also tell you how to go to the download page and download it yourself.

Longer route

  • Go to the K.U website
  • Click on ADMISSION on the top menu bar (I know you're leaving. I also asked myself the same question).
  • Click on RESOURCES on the top menu bar again

That's it!

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