Why the Upwork reviews are so important!

Why the Upwork reviews are so important!

Upwork reviews are good for a freelancer or a client. This is always a hot topic for new bees who just started their freelancing career. Or they are planning to start it. In this blog post, we will try to cover all the important aspects of Upwork reviews. We will discuss how Upwork evaluates a freelancer and how it impacts the profile of a freelancer.

Upwork reviews help clients in hiring:

While digital freelancing websites like Upwork have played a big role in helping companies and individuals find talented freelancers through their Upwork reviews. So imagine that you are a client who is looking for a website development service.

What you will do? You will search on the internet and most probably you will end up signing up for a freelancing website. Let’s say, you chose Upwork as it is the most professional freelance website. You will post a job with proper descriptions, mentioning your needs and wants, Upwork will show you some of the top suggestions of talented freelancers.

Being a client, you will see suggested profiles. You will leaf through the description provided by the freelancers. You will see all the reviews left by his previous clients. At that moment you will decide either to send an invite to this freelance talent or move to another person. How you will do that? Reviews — reviews will leave either a positive or negative image of the freelancer. Or we can say, freelancer evaluates on the basis of their reviews on their profile. That is why Upwork reviews are very important for both clients and freelancers.

Upwork review ranges from 1 start to 5 stars. Upwork, give the final review score to the freelancer on the basis of his professionalism, on-time project completeness, communication skill, and availability factor. Well, these factors play a very vital role in the success of a freelancer.

Upwork reviews work 2 ways:

On Upwork, reviews are available both for freelancers and clients. On the project completion, the client gives a public and private review to the freelancer and vise versa.

Freelancer’s Feedback-

At the time of sending a proposal to the jobs, we can see the client feedback as well.

Here is a Pro tip: Always opens the job and see the client feedback given by other freelancers. It will give you a client's professional behavior information.

Client’s Feedback-

As we have already discussed in detail that how the client’s feedback plays an important role in the freelancer profile, it will also affect your JSS (Job Success Score). JSS is showing on the top of the profile page rages from 1% to 100%.

Private Upwork reviews/ Feedbacks:

No doubt, Upwork is the most professional freelancing website. They have a very hidden feature, in which the client gives private feedback to the freelancers. This feedbacks are dominant in the eyes of Upwork. No matter what your public review is, your profile JSS is going to affect you badly. So, always make sure to provide professional and best work to the client so that he can leave a 5-star review and feedback for you.

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