5 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Gel Manicure

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Gel Manicure

Gel manicures—they’re cute, practical and the polish won’t chip off after a shampoo wash. In short, a gel mani is indestructible if the following steps are done the right way…

1. Maintenance

Like any treatment or new tool, a manicure needs to be maintained. Regular refill visits need to be scheduled. One also has to think about their lifestyle when getting the gel put on their original nail. If your daily routine entails a lot of hands-on work or lifting it might not be the best decision to get them done.

2. The UV light

While there have been claims that the radiation from the UV light can cause cancer, it’s also most likely to well, um, not as this is a necessary step in pretty much all gel manis across the world. Nevertheless, the lesser radiation of any kind on your body, the better. So just be careful to not cause too much damage or breakage to the nail so as to reduce the number of visits to the parlor. ‘Ya feel?

3. Gel care

Frequently getting your gel refills done can be drying on your cuticles at times. Which can cause the skin to tear and become weak. In that case, it’s important to use a cuticle oil or a lotion to keep the area hydrated and healthy.

4. Grow-out

This usually depends on your nail growth (may vary from person-to-person) but at least once a month one would need to go in the salon for a refill. Because ain’t nobody looks good with a half-grown out mani.

5. The removal

While it’s not as permanent as a tattoo, similar rules apply for its removal. Once you decide to remove the gel be prepared to see your nails naked, raw and a little brittle. Although it’ll totally be fine within a month or two, it will still leave your nail bed feeling soft and sensitive.

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