Tips to Decide on Right Nail Polish Color

Tips to Decide on Right Nail Polish Color

Every day we do many little things that tell others who we are and what’s our attitude towards life. You might not realize, but every big to small act you do, gives people around you a peek into your overall personality. You are perceived by others through the physical signals you forward with your appearance.

Women often ignore the fact that broken nails and chipped nail colors can smash their entire personalities. Picking the right nail polish is necessary if you desire to enjoy genuine compliments from people around you.

Tips to Decide on Right Nail Polish Color:

Connect to the Skin Tone:

As your concealer or lipstick connects to your facial hue, likewise you should opt for the nail polish shades in line with that. Almost all colors look great on fair skins. Lighter shades won’t appear much attractive on darker-skinned women. However, they can also effectively wear much more dramatic shades, be it day or night.

To look fantastic, go only for the nail polish colors that really tend to play up with your skin color.

Coordinate with your Outfits:

For all the women out there, it’s your own penchant either to apply identical or contrasting nail polish according to your outfit’s color. They say nail polish color should not match to whatever you put on. On the flip side, some disagree and admire the matching of colors.

I would suggest you use a nail color that complements your outfit. If you love doing specific matches, just do it.

Keep the event or occasion in mind

If you want people to turn their heads as you arrive at a party, pay good attention to your nail color selection. You can wear dramatic shades for the evening fiesta and lighter nail colors for the daytime event.

If you are about to hang out with friends then try some bold and bright colors. Nail art with colorful and fun designs is definitely a great choice for young girls. On the contrary, you are going to work or need to attend some meeting or a formal gathering then keep the polish neutral and toned down.

Allow yourself to follow the seasons and trends:

Be in touch with the season prevailing. Summer calls for bright shades to fun neon colors while winter admires the dark more. Pretty pastels can stun people during springs while russet and bronze look attractive in autumn.

Novice women should take into consideration the biggest trends to choose the right hue in that specific color spectrum. Pick that will go great on you and can impressively complement you from head to toe. Remember the skin tone factor.

Know What to Escape from:

Putting on the right nail color will be best done if you know what to avoid apart from what to agree on. This basically is the trial and error phase to access what will work perfectly and what not.

Prefer not to apply extra dark nail colors on fair skin, your hands will appear washed out. Lighter shades can take away the appealing look of square nails.
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