Hacks to help you turn your creativity into money

Hacks to help you turn your creativity into money

You are creative in Kenya. But you have no idea of how to channel your wild imaginations and ideas combined with a specific set of skills to make a fortune out of it. You're not the only one caught up in this bubble. The creative industries are growing every year with economists stating that "human creativity is the ultimate economic resource" and "the industries of the 21st century will depend increasingly on the generation of knowledge through creativity and innovation.”

Now that we are already in the century of creativity, how can you turn yours into profit?

Because we are always looking out for you, here are some hacks that might help you.

Publish Content

To put yourself out there as a creative economist, generate and share compelling content to your audience. With the popularity of new media, you can create engaging content with your followers. This is an ideal way of getting future customers and promoting your brand.

If you’re a writer, set up a blog post and build a business out of it. Have you come across Bikozulu? It is a blog by writer, Jackson Biko. Through it, he has gained recognition and won clients by posting paid content on his blog. As a content creator, you can produce videos and post it on a YouTube channel. Find your niche and build content around it.

Sell Skills

View your skills and ideas as a product then package and sell them. Your customers are people who need your skill because they lack the know-how.

But why not call it a service? Services have custom pricing and require frequent interaction with the customer while products aren’t specifically made for each customer and have simple pricing. For example, instead of working on freelance graphic design projects, you can create website graphic designs and sell them.

Build A Creative’s Platform

Create a newsletter that provides a platform for other creative workers. Through this, you can sell your art and content. This may also be a marketplace for selling other people’s products.

For example, you can publish a monthly newsletter that highlights Kenya’s film scene, opportunities, and jobs.

We here at Kreative Kenya are passionate about keeping you informed about Kenya’s creative industry.

Online jobs

In this age of technology, there are online sites that offer creative projects. You simply need to sign up and apply for these jobs. Because you appreciate the flexibility that all creative artists enjoy, you can always do these gigs remotely.

You can bid for gigs such as graphic design, video editing, animation, voice-overs, and writing on sites such as Upwork and Fiverr. If overwhelmed by jobs, you can always outsource them. These online sites offer to pay on an hourly basis or per project.


Be a consultant in your area of expertise and provide these services to companies and organizations. You can advise your clients on creative projects. For example, you can start a consultancy on video production and sell your creativity to film production companies, TV stations, Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinationals.

 Sell Licenses

Sell licenses of your individual creations such as audio-works, videos, designs, and codes. These can be sold for varying fees depending on their commercial usage.

For example, if you are an upcoming disc jockey, you can create a music mix and sell this to radio stations.

Social Media Advertising

Sell your art and promote your profiles on social media profiles such as Twitter. It’s common to see Kenyan artists such as poets posting their works on social media. An example is Kenyan video content creators posting their videos, parodies, and memes on Facebook and Instagram.

Events Performance

Present your performance art act such as singing, emceeing, spoken word, painting, dancing, poetry reciting, and disc jockeying at events, festivals, and social gatherings such as weddings.

This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and earn money.


Share your skills with others. You can organize a master class to coach individuals and groups in your area of expertise such as the production of video games.  You can also charge for workshops and give lectures at schools and universities.

Create multi-media courses and sell them and make videos or podcasts about your works and charge for advertising. This you can share on sites such as YouTube. You can earn by sharing your knowledge with others.

Sell, Sell and Sell

The main factor in turning your passion into profit is selling it. Every time you are sharing your ideas and skills with a second party, you’re selling it. You can write and sell articles and books about your creative process.

The selling never stops.

Best of luck...


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