How to Make Money from Arts and Crafts

How to Make Money from Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts died in Kenyan schools from 2001 though some schools have the lessons going in British/American curriculum schools.

Arts and crafts aren’t dead online either and as a Kenyan, you can make money from your crafts.

There are many starving artists in Kenya but artists online aren’t starving.

They found a way of creating an income from the comfort of their homes.

Are you ready to make money from your home’s comfort with your artistic talent as a Kenyan? 

What are The Best Arts and Crafts to Sell Online in Kenya? 

The following are the most popular arts and crafts niches online and Kenyans can sell from their home’s comfort and they include: 


Creating cute letters art isn’t dead. Companies like Hallmark, the biggest greeting card maker always look for online workers talented in calligraphy to help expand their greeting card gallery. Though most positions are for the US market, you don’t have to get discouraged. This shows there’s a market for the calligraphers out there. You can sell your calligraphy online via Instagram or sell to font companies when you digitize your art to, Etsy, Creative Market or Design Cut. Don’t forget, Canva has made fonts a craze and rave because it’s easier to be a graphic designer using Canva. Canva creators look for the best exclusive fonts. Sell your fonts over and over when they are digital, have a commercial license for the purchasers. To get an idea of how it’s done, check the fanaticism on Creative Market and list your font. And read more blogs on selling your fonts online. 

Sell your crafts online 

What craft do you do? Is it sewing, cross-stitching, crocheting, whatever the craft, Etsy is the best place to sell your handmade for Kenyans? There are other markets as well like Amazon handmade or eBay, Artfire, big cartel, open a Shopify store, Icraft, Shoprida, Zibbet. All these marketplaces may not be as wide as Etsy, but worth checking them out. Remember, there is a percentage all these marketplaces take and some may require you to pay a monthly subscription like Shopify. 


Like fonts, are you a great painter or artist? Sell your drawing on Creative Market as a digital file or as a clipart for use in wedding cards or greeting cards. 


Do you love creating unique pots, bowls, plates? You could sell your pots on Etsy, your website or offer lessons as an Airbnb experience. Offer the lessons on YouTube/your blog as a tutorial and see an increase in your revenue. 


Women and men alike love jewellery, no wonder the jewellery industry grows each year. Do you have unique jewellery pieces to offer to your customers?


You know I talk about tailoring all the time. A beautiful craft of turning your fabric pieces into clothing. Isn’t this an amazing craft to have?. Would you love to set up a tailoring business in Kenya? Read this article. 


Have you ever taken a trip to Kisii land to see the beautiful wood and soapstone carvings? You would not be a lover of craft if you don’t fall in love with them. Sell your soapstone carvings on Etsy. 


I got amazed at woodwork carving after watching this video. Do you love wood?. Wood made Ikea a billion-dollar and worldwide business and craze. You can carve bowls, cooking sticks, gourds, wild animals like giraffes, lions, 

Glass Blowing 

I didn’t know about glass blowing until I watched a Netflix show about glass blowers. I then realised this is a great craft to know. Want to learn more about glass blowing. Watch the show on Netflix to get the basics. 

Soap Making 

Soap makers are so prominent with many of their videos garnering millions of viewers on YouTube. We want to know how soap is made. Plus soap making is a great source of side hustle, we all shower/bathe at some point. We want to smell good, and soap provides the smell-good luxury. Learn the basics of soap making from Becky’s Homestead video and if you want to make money, make organic soap with goat milk, for example, include essential oils to make the soap exotic. 


Watercolors are so popular for making greeting cards on Creative Market and Etsy. Do you know how to paint? Use your painting talent to make money by digitizing your paintings into clip arts. 

Candle Makers 

Candle making is another great side hustle idea to start from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to be a woman to make money with candles. Learn about candle-making from YouTube. Make your candles exotic by writing love messages on the candle holders or etching on glass candle holders. Glass etching is another great talent to have. 

Popular Crafts to Sell Online in Kenya 

The following crafts are so popular and you can start selling from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to be a crafter to sell crafts though. You can buy from China at cheaper prices then enhance the product and resell at a higher price.

For example, buy beautiful glasses and then decoupage or etch on them lovely messages.

Valentine, Christmas, and birthday messages sell well.

Any season greeting messages in a glass bottle sells well because it’s a thoughtful message. Don’t you love a message in a glass bottle? 

Wood art/carvings
Glass etchings
Throw Pillows
Wall Arts 
Kids Toys
Pet Toys 
Electronic Accessories like phone cases
Rustic Wooden Designs 
Dread Hair Extensions like wooden beads, wool, cotton, silk, pewter, fabrics. 
Lip Balm 
Note Cards
Cat Tents 
Handmade Soap 
Pixel Art/Painting 

Greeting Cards

Don’t stop at these popular crafts, what other crafts do you love?

Make money off of it online by selling on Etsy, eBay, Amazon among other craft-friendly websites.

Above all, make your own blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram and make your craft there. 

How to Become Successful Selling Your Arts and Crafts Online in Kenya 

Have a website. 

Crafters don’t know the importance of having a website. Create a simple website on WordPress to help maximize your income. Maybe talking on the camera isn’t your strength nor is writing. But writing a step-by-step guide isn’t that hard. With a website, you monetize your content and buyers get to buy your art online. Buyers care for the step-by-step guide, not your English level.

Create online courses. 

The more you establish yourself by either teaching tutorials on blog or YouTube or showing the step by step of your business, the more language barrier doesn’t matter. I have seen millions of viewers on YouTube on channels where the tailors don’t teach in English. Make the video or photos a step by step for easy following and copying by your followers. Online courses help establish you as an expert. 

Advertise and market yourself 

Have you seen crafters marketing themselves? Crafters hide behind their crafts claiming they are busy coming up with ideas. WRONG MOVE. It’s good to keep developing new crafts every day but when no one is buying, what will you eat? I used to be so scared of advertising until I asked myself if I don’t know how to advertise, am I proud of my work? 

Do proper branding for your crafts

Remember branding isn’t about being Apple, it’s having the right packages for your crafts. Are you letting customers leave your store with unbranded items? How will they remember your store in case you close it or change the name? You want your brand to be remembered for a long time. Create memories with your brand. 

Don’t sell in one store online only. 

Don’t sell your crafts in one store online. Sell the same watercolor clipart on all available shops online plus your shop. It pays to have yourself exposed to various shops. 

Show your expertise by creating a YouTube channel

Don’t hide behind the camera. People buy a face and your personality shines through on YouTube, people want to identify with your business/craft. They don’t care for your looks, they care for your human side. Get confident, your craft is awesome. 

Involve social media to help advertise your crafts 

Pinterest and Instagram are great places to showcase your work bringing in more traffic sources from all over the world. Throw yourself in the social media space to help bring more eyeballs to your crafts. Don’t get distracted though, prioritise. 

Don’t sell yourself short. It takes a lot of time to create any piece of art. When pricing, take time into consideration. 

Know and value the worth of your craft. Many crafters don’t know the value of their craft, what a pity! It’s already exhausting to come up with ideas to help you stand out. Know that your art is valuable. 

Know when your craft is no longer a hobby and must make money for you. Turning from a hobby becomes upheaval for all crafters. We don’t want to move from our comfort zone. The burden of buying your crafts supplies tools will be felt if you give out a lot of your crafts. Make money by selling and not small money as many crafters say, it’s big money. 

Perseverance and dedication. Stop giving up because the money isn’t trickling in as you wanted. We all face a challenge that threatens to stop us from our destiny. Dedication, endurance, patience, love for the craft are the virtues that keep us moving. 

Have a business mindset. Lots of crafters don’t have a business mindset, see the tips for developing a great business mindset here. 

Keep learning and getting better in your craft. No one is perfect even the perfect glassblower, painter, or writer keeps creating. That’s your lifeline. Learn and change with the trends to help your craft stand the test of time. 

There’s a difference between a starving artist and a wealthy artist.

They both think different one knows their worth and charges their worth another one believes, crafting doesn’t make money.

Which one of the artists are you? 


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