What to Know About DigiTrust Kenya

What to Know About DigiTrust Kenya

Every business person knows the importance of always having a back-up plan.

Today, life might be all smooth and rosy, your business may be going on well, your kids are in school, your spouse is employed, and life is all cool. And then boom! Something comes up (like the COVID pandemic) and you find yourself in an extremely dark place, unable to see the light and with no one to help (everyone else is affected).

However, having an emergency fund that you can access anytime always softens that blow.

When you keep your money in a safe place where it grows, brings you monthly dividends, and lets you access it anytime, you never worry much about the setbacks that come with life’s uncertainties.

I get it, you have quite a handful of options, but ICEA LION offers one of a kind.

Since its establishment, ICEAN LION Group has been identified as one of the best financial service providers offering innovative products and services in General Insurance, Life Assurance, Pensions, Asset Management, and Trusts. Their upper hand is that their products and services are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

Because they are concerned about a secure and more convenient investment plan for their customers, ICEA LION brings you Digitrust.

What’s DigiTrust?
DigiTrust is a digital money market fund that offers you the most convenient investment plan and makes your money work just as hard as you do.

It is an online platform that allows you to invest at your own convenience.

The money market fund enables you to maintain the value of your initial investment (preserve capital), receive dividends on the same and better still, and earn additional interest on your capital. When you use Digitrust, your leverage the power of compounded interest and watch the value of your initial investment grow.

Compounded interest means that the longer you invest, the more interest your capital earns.

What are the Benefits of Investing with DigiTrust?
Here is a quick review of the 10 benefits that come with investing in Digitrust which you must know before getting started.

1. You Invest Anywhere, anytime: DigiTrust is an online investment platform that enables you to invest anywhere, anytime

2. Added Value: Every single cent of yours is valid and valued. DigiTrust lets your money grow, unlike letting it idle in the bank and continue losing its value.

3. Convenience: There are no strings attached- You can access your money whenever and wherever you need it (plus the interest), so you enjoy the convenience

4. No Lock-Ups: You can deposit and withdraw cash anytime you want, so you are in control of your money

5. Your money works for you: With Digitrust, your money earns you more monthly income, so you don’t have to work more to earn more (your money works for you).

6. No shortfalls: You pay zero monthly account maintenance fees. So, no shortfalls.

7. Security: You receive stable monthly returns. This means that you have financial security.

8. Safety, No risk: With Digitrust, your investment portfolio is diversified. This minimizes the risk of losing your investment.

9. Easy Registration and Onboarding: Registration is as easy as ABC and only takes 5 minutes.
Just click https://invest.icealion.com/ or dial *793# and get started. The onboarding process is also automated to get you started ASAP.

10. Start Small: Digitrust is not for the ‘big boys’ with millions to invest. It’s for everyone, including small-scale investors. You can start investing as low as 500/- and earn monthly dividends.

Bonus: View your investment statements and progress anytime, anywhere.

Which other investment plan offers you the flexibility, convenience, and financial control that comes with Digitrust? With so much increasing uncertainty about investment, DigiTrust simply comes in as a ‘safe heaven’ for your financial security and growth.

No-Risk, Your Money is Safe.
Imagine an investment plan where you don’t have to worry about bearing the losses at all?

Digitrust is the safest place to invest your money because they bear all the risks involved. This means that in case you feel disappointed at any time along your investment journey, you can always withdraw your membership (Again, no strings attached)
You will still get back your full investment plus the accrued interest at that time.

Don’t Wait, Start Now! 

Visit https://invest.icealion.com/ right now and register by clicking the ‘Start Here’ button.

Better still, you can dial *793# right away for the easier mobile registration option. You will receive a step-to-step guide on how to start investing and kickstart your journey towards your financial goals.

Who knows when the next pandemic will strike? Start Now, Be Safe.

With Digitrust. You can invest ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

DigiTrust, Where Your Money Works as Hard as You Do”

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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