The importance of entertainment in schools in Kenya

The importance of entertainment in schools in Kenya

In most boarding schools in Kenya, the students are allowed by the teachers to watch some movies every once in a while which are not meant for educational purposes. Most of these schools call this time entertainment time. The following is the importance of entertainment in schools in Kenya.

1) Reducing stress.
When the students have too much stress after studying very hard, they might do very bad things which include burning the school, fighting with others, not obeying the teachers, and even running away from school among others. However, during the entertainment, the students get to have fun which reduces the chances of them ever doing something bad out of aggressiveness.

2) They get educated.
Not all the movies that the students choose to watch during this time are entirely fictional. Some of the movies they watch are based on science and technology thus they educate the students on various scientific facts and studies. Some of the movies are also based on history, for example, some of the movies talk about some of the facts about slavery long ago. The movies that educate these students allow them to understand better what they are being taught by their teachers at school thus improving their grades.

3) Inspiring the students.
Not all the students actually have a person who is good enough for them to consider a good role model. However, some of the movies watched during entertainment have very talented and very good people who can be a very good role model for the students. Some of the characters in the movies inspire the students to do good things and to work harder at school in order to become as great as these movie characters were in the movies that they watched.

4) Allow positive interaction between the students.
In most schools, the whole school comes together in one place to watches the same movie. The students thus get to have a lot of fun together and in the process get to interact with one another in a positive way. This ensures that the school runs harmoniously without any fights or any other misunderstandings between the students. This also makes group work and group studies at school to be more effective since the students end up being more comfortable discussing various topics in their school work.

Entertainment is so important to any school that no one can afford to miss it. Being in school can be a great thing if the time for entertainment is respected and made to be as fun as possible.

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