Beginner guide for online writing

Beginner guide for online writing

If you are researching how to start online writing you maybe having a lot of questions right now. Probably, you are not sure where to start nor whether you have gathered enough information to get you started already. I’m here to answer a ton of those questions.

Yes, you can start a freelance writing job online without experience and yes you can make money through online writing at the comfort of your home.

Personally, I started freelance writing like a year and a half ago and before that I had tried registering to a bunch of different sites where I submitted samples and never got approved for any of them. Some of the reasons were because I had no clear idea of how to go about it and I thought that you just do it on your phone. You are going to need a computer or a laptop for this.

In my experience, while starting a freelance writing job you may require someone to guide you through. Freelance writing sites are in demand and if it was that easy to join one and just start making money we would all be making money online. These sites require a certain level of qualification and they will ask you to provide official documents. If you are in college and desire to make some money while still studying, you may not be able to provide such evidence.

Fortunately, online writing has become very popular nowadays and it is very easy to find someone to direct you on the same. For my case I went through a short training of a week on basics. After that, I started looking for people who were looking for writers.

First I reached to a friend of mine who was already in the business and he gave me a link to a WhatsApp group of writers, where I found a blogger who needed someone to create articles for her site. First I informed her that I was just starting and she guided me on how to go about it.

Since I started I have worked with several employers and I have learned through each one of them. Sometimes different employers require different styles of writing. This means you need to be ready to learn to qualify as a good writer.

The most reliable way to connect with writers who can train and hire you is through people you know and through facebook groups. Almost everyone has a facebook account and if not its free to create one. Look for freelance writing, article writers, blog writers, online writing account or any other related terms.

Connect with people and learn how things work. Do not rush to buy an account until you can deliver work yourself. If you don’t deliver the desired quality for a particular account or meet the requirements of a client you may get penalized. Clients can write bad reviews for you and that will hurt your business.

You can still open a brand new account, provide the required information and go through a test which you have to pass to qualify in many sites. To avoid scammers you need to find credible freelance writing sites.

Some of the most popular sites include upwork, iwriter,, problogger, textbroker ,, fiverr among many others. You can also buy an active account from recommended brokers or have them open an account for you at a fee. Be aware of scammers.


There are things you must have before starting freelance online writing job. One of them is a computer to help you format, edit and store your data. Microsoft word is the most popularly used software in typing and saving professional documents.

You also need a reliable internet and a browser. These are the must have requirements in freelance writing.
Don’t be shy to reach out to them, they were also in your position.

Another thing is to allow yourself to learn, ask questions, research on the internet, and listen to what others have to say concerning online writing as a source of income.

You might come across much helpful ideas because freelance writing is a wide field. It encompass writing blogs and articles for companies, reviewing products, academic writing, proof-reading, transcription, data entry among others.

Happy Hunting!

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