Instructions on How To Get a KU Corporate Email

Instructions on How To Get a KU Corporate Email

Student Email at the Kenyatta University – Student Email is given to all students upon admission to Kenyatta University (KU). If you access your Kenyatta University student email, below are the basic tips to help you through.

During my engagement with library users, I have received concerns regarding student corporate email. Some are not aware of its benefits, some view it as not being important. However, I will list down some of the benefits of having a student corporate email as a student at Kenyatta University and to a larger extent a Post Modern Library user.

1. The corporate email is part and parcel of the library user registration. One ought to have the mail to access library services including the borrowing of resources. The corporate email is linked to the user of the library to enable him/her access important services in the library.

2. The email is also used in the off-campus access of e-resources that are subscribed by the library. For one to access e-resources out of campus, it is required that one has a corporate email as the username and admission number as the password. The user leaves the details at the information desk and the account is activated for off-campus access. Again without the email, there will be no off-campus active activation, hence, no access.

3. Eduroam wifi login details and configuration are directly sent to your corporate email after you submit a ticket. Each student is given a username which is the email and password from the ICT department to access the fast internet connection that is connected to the University.

4. Communication from the library about overdue books and a reminder to due dates are communicated via the student corporate email to avoid unnecessary fines due to forgetting the dates the resources were supposed to be returned.

5. Perception: How does it feel to be a Kenyatta University Student? Amazing right? Now how will it feel when you have an email with the extension Well with the corporate email this is possible. Your mail will for instance be

GOOD NEWS: You can now create your corporate email by following the steps below

1. Go to

2. Select KU corporate email

3. Enter your registration number as shown then click on get your email address N/B: If your registration number is E08/3471/2013.........ENTER 3471/2013 ONLY.

Your details will be shown and all you will have to do is select among the choices the address that suits you. choose a question and answer then put a password. For the purposes of remembering let your password be your registration number then you can change it later. In the case of my password will be 3471/2013. Your corporate email will now be active all you have to do is go to Gmail and log in. use the corporate email in the email field and the password you created.

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