The plight of swimming girls in Mombasa beaches during the festive seasons

The plight of swimming girls in Mombasa beaches during the festive seasons

Rogue and notorious beach boys rape helpless girls and women for swimming floaters in Mombasa public beaches, a highly documented sad story but no response from the government.

Kenyans join the rest of the world in Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year celebrations as coastal towns of Kenya host more visitors than any other place in the festive seasons.

Mombasa, Diani in Kwale, and Malindi in Kilifi County have beautiful public beaches with amazing sand dunes and regular coastlines extended by the flatty seabed making them very interesting and less risky even to those who were not trained to swim. However, danger lurks in these beaches for female visitors as bad boys from nearby areas terrorize girls and ladies in the name of help swimming. Notorious boys seduce girls and ladies or harass them sexually. They don’t care about age because even the teen girls and women of older ages are not spared in this heinous act.

Rogue beach boys mostly from Mishomoroni, Kisauni, Kongowea, Bombolulu, Bamburi, and Mtwapa use public holidays and weekends to prey on their victims on public beaches. During these times, more people from different parts of Kenya visit the Coast and flock beaches in multitudes, the vast majority of them are from highlands who don’t know how to swim hence becoming successful targets of bad beach boys.

Tricks used by bad beach boys to lure the swimming girls before defiling them

For a girl to get into this defilement trap, the boys tend to be generously helping ladies to swim with buoyant floating materials usually tyre tubes. These tubes are for hire from beach vendors who are authorized to do business by Kenya Maritime Authority (KeMA) and county governments. The horny boys approach ladies with smiling and innocence face with floating tube already placed in front of the targeted lady. In some instances, the tube is put on the lady’s body without her request or consent. Then if she responds swiftly, after few minutes the boys start to touch their private parts as they drift them deeper and far away from the swimming crowds or onshore.

The rest is getting inside their inner wears after successful seduction, if the lady resists in any stage of these processes, she gets sexual assaults such rape or threatened drowning leading helpless girls and women to accept an unplanned sex activities with strangers whose their about are unknown, leaving female visitors uncertain of having transmitted with HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) like Gonorrhea and Syphilis. The boys committing these evils seem not to know or care about the health dangers and legal repercussions ahead of them.

The nature of this story has widely been documented by media houses and personal bloggers in the country. In 2010, KTN Kenya revealed a similar story of girls being defiled by bad beach boys in Pirate Beach, the famous Bamburi or its gazetted name Jomo Kenyatta International Beach. The story was captioned Waves of Indecency.

There is a man in Dian who confessed how he used to seduce ladies in the ocean water but with some techniques without raping. He said with the help of a floater and salty seawater, it’s very easy to spread a lady’s legs at 180° degrees, meaning the best angle to access the female genitals. The man told Kameme TV in 2018 in an interview in which his face was blurred for anonymity reasons.

A female student from Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) swore she will never return to Bamburi Beach alleging she was nearly raped by boys who pretended to help her swim with a floater.

Despite all these stories in the public, the government has not taken the proper measures to deter these barbaric acts which saw thousands of innocent girls lose virginity, get STDs, and be traumatized through rapping, forced sex, and sodomy. A few years ago security was intensified in major public beaches as police choppers, armed forces, and Kenya Maritime Authority boats patrolling with county inspectorates. But these security checks are not part of the plan to curb the bad beach boys from preying on girls and women for forced sex under seawater but are aimed at protecting the public from terrorist attacks by Alshabab.

When he was asked on this matter, by then Mombasa Police Commander Johnston Ipara said “We decided to establish the police post to curb these cases. So far, we have been successful…” Not everyone going to the beach has good intentions. Others are just there to take advantage of vulnerable women,”. Mr Ipara told the Nation.

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