Lipsology, is the science of lip analysis. According to the ancient Chinese skill of face-reading, your lip features link to your identity. Everything from the size, shape, fullness and contours of your lips are related back to what type of person you are. The shape of your mouth determines how you relate to people, while your lip print reflects your temperament. Lips are often the first feature we notice on someone, since the way we speak and use our words show our level of confidence and self esteem. Now that you have a little history, see what your lips say about you.

Full lips. It is said that women with full lips are courageous and confident, they value friendship and social connections. They are generous and deeply care about people. They are nurturing and put others’ needs first, naturally gravitating towards motherhood. The thicker a woman’s lips are, the more passionate she is.

Thin lips. Women with thin lips are independent, cautious and reserved. These women tend to be labeled as loners, as they are comfortable in solitude, but they can still find a place within a group. They also tend to be high achievers as they are determined and persistent. Women with thin lips have a sweet and sensitive side as well.

Wide lips. Lively and talented are two characteristics of women with wide lips. They often have a wide variety of interests and a large social circle. Although they are adaptable, they have perfectionist tendencies. Women with wide lips are known to do their own thing, they lead, not follow the crowd.

Round lips. Women with round lips are vivacious, charismatic and mischievous. Self-assured, adventurous and unafraid to take risks. Their main priority in life is their own feelings of comfort, they may come off as selfish at first, but they are compassionate and devoted friends who will come to your side at a moment’s notice.

Heart-shaped lips. With a peaked cupid’s bow, this signals a creative and quick-witted woman. She exudes glamour and elegance. Having no fear of voicing her opinion, she grabs life by the horns and takes charge of situations.

Goldilocks lips. This lip shape is “just right” as in the fairy tale. Her lips are not full, nor thin, but medium sized. She is well balanced and has a common sense approach to resolving issues. The rounded cupid’s bow represents kindness. This lip shape indicates a woman with an even temperament. Women with Goldilocks lips enjoy connecting with friends but aren’t clingy.

Plump in the center lips. Volume in the center signifies a natural performer, who enjoys being the center of attention. Thin corners of the lips signify a fun-loving girl.

Top lip is bigger than bottom lip. In the case that the top lip is more voluminous than the bottom, it is said that, quite frankly, she is a drama queen. With a high opinion of herself, she has the ability to draw others to her. She is emotional, charismatic, and is always joking.

Lower lip is larger than the upper lip. Women who have a larger lower lip than the upper lip know how to have fun. They will not be found working an office job, they like to have fun and live an energetic lifestyle, always finding new acquaintances and places to visit. These women will lead you on a path to new adventures.

Upper lip with a sharp philtrum. Women with a sharp philtrum tend to be filled with creativity, they often end up being artists and talented musicians. She is sociable and strives for self expression in every way possible. They have excellent memories when it comes to faces and names and they are always attentive to what is going on around them.

Upper lip with a rounded philtrum. Women with lips this shape are compassionate, sensitive and kind. They truly feel other people’s issues and become deeply upset by any misfortune. They always find the time to help others and caring for the world around them is their calling in life.

Upper lip without a philtrum. Women without an upper philtrum are the most responsible and reliable, they have a “get it done no matter what” motto. The word ‘impossible’ is not in their vocabulary and deadlines do not worry them because they know they will get everything done on time.


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