The Honest Truth About Being A Full-Time Blogger

The Honest Truth About Being A Full-Time Blogger

I have total admiration for anybody that decides to blog full-time to earn their living and make it their sole income. It’s a very brave move and one that I’m not sure I would take. However, there were times last year when I could have been tempted to make that leap, but for a few reasons, I didn’t.

2021 was definitely an eye-opener for me. The opportunities that have come my way have certainly made me at times think that I could do this for a full-time living.

Around March of 2021, the opportunities started to arrive in my inbox, but they were different, and out of the blue. Larger PR companies and the brands themselves started to email me. If I’m really honest it scared me to death.

Why you may wonder?

Well because all of a sudden we were talking a much higher level of budget and I simply didn’t have a clue, I’m sure some of my blogger friends must have got bored with me asking what sort of price do you charge for this and that. Thankfully they were able to help and put me on the right track, but OMG! I had to learn quickly. Even now I’m sure I get my pricing all wrong at times, and I am probably not brave enough when giving a price at times.

Both my wife and I have earned a decent amount of money from both blogs and they have enabled us to have a better than average lifestyle, which has included two holidays and some luxuries that would we could not have possibly afforded normally in 2021, but deciding to do this full-time is another story altogether. I just don’t feel it’s guaranteed money every month.

For example, we are now in the second month of 2022 and I personally have not had any sponsored work of any consequence. This worries me and basically stops me from deciding to blog full-time, but thankfully I still have my other job of painting and decorating. One thing blogging has helped with, is that I am now a little bit more choosy as to what decorating jobs I take on. Blogging has enabled me to split my week differently and nowadays I usually spend a couple of days a week blogging, and the rest of the week painting and decorating.

The big question for me is will I ever make the leap to full-time blogging and rely on it entirely to make a living? The chances are no, because I like to feel secure knowing that I will always earn a living, and painting and decorating is that security to earn a living. For me being a blogger full-time just doesn’t feel secure enough, but I have also worked hard to build up a successful painting and decorating business for over 10 years. So to give it all up after 10 years would be a difficult decision. If I was truthful I’m not sure I want to give it up.

My admiration for Pro Bloggers is immense for all of that. They believe so strongly in themselves, that making a living from blogging is the way to go. I wish I had their confidence and belief. I have nothing but respect for somebody that has made that leap into full-time blogging. Becoming a full-time blogger, I actually stand in awe of their self-belief.

Do you want to become a full-time blogger? Or are you happy to just do it part-time to boost your normal income?

Are you a full-time blogger and was it the best decision you ever made?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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