10 Jobs You Can Do Online to Make Money While Traveling

10 Jobs You Can Do Online to Make Money While Traveling

Every person with a sense of adventure would love the opportunity to travel the world, spending their time exploring new cultures and countries instead of pushing papers at the office or working long hours for “the man”. However, the stability and steady income a job offer usually make it impossible to consider indulging in that wanderlust. With the rise of many former desk jobs being outsourced to online freelancers, it can now be possible to maintain that cash flow while traveling, allowing you to leave the world of suits and ties in favor of something a little more comfortable in any location you desire. The age of the digital nomad is now, and the following job options could provide some financial relief while on your journey.

1. Virtual Assistant

Many young start-up companies choose to hire a virtual assistant rather than have one in-office. As a virtual assistant, your tasks could vary greatly depending on the niche your employer works in. From data entry to appointment setting to writing and editing newsletters and website content, this is perfect for a jack-of-all-trades with experience in an office setting. Many listings in this area offer training to teach their new hire how to perform the exact functions they require. This job’s hours can range from full time to only several hours a week, so make sure to find a listing that matches your level of availability.

2. Freelance Writing

There are many freelancing sites online, allowing clients to post job listings and interested job seekers to apply for whatever listing catches their fancy. Freelance writing is a field that is in high demand, with a plethora of different writing subjects to choose from. Easily doable from any location, all you need is a reliable wifi connection. If you have a knack for good grammar and creative ideas, this is an opportunity that provides an income based on your quality of work and experience.

In case you take something for creativity, another benefit is that freelance is one of the careers that don’t drug test, according to medsignals.com.

3. English Tutor

If you have ESL certification or a degree, this may be a great option for earning some cash while traveling. Many countries hire online English tutors to teach students in their schools. There are also platforms that you can apply to as well. One of these is Preply. They don’t require a TESL certification, besides, teaching online doesn’t demand a large time commitment and usually pays well. Plus, it’s a fun, interactive job that doesn’t cause a lot of stress or preparation. Learning plans are often provided by the company that employs you. That leaves you the task of helping to shape the education of students far and wide.

4. Writer

If words are your forte, why not write a book while adventure-seeking? As your creativity ebbs and flows, you can enjoy the available activities around the area you currently reside in and write whenever the feeling moves you. With the wide availability of e-books, finding a publisher or self-publishing is an easy task compared to years past. Perhaps your free, wandering lifestyle will lend creativity to your writing style and prose and you’ll end up with a bestseller on your hands.

5. YouTuber

Another option that allows you to work for yourself is becoming a YouTuber. Figure out what message you want to share with the world and create funny, witty, or informative videos to reach your potential audience. This is a great avenue for promoting your new digital nomad lifestyle or for sharing tips and tricks you’ve learned on your journey. You could end up becoming “YouTube famous.”

6. Data Entry

There are many simple data entry jobs available online and they usually require little to no previous experience. It’s a relatively simple job to execute and usually has detailed instructions provided. Employers can offer one-time assignments or long-term contracts, letting you decide how and when you want to work.

7. Social Media Management

As a social media presence is becoming more and more important for businesses to connect with their audience and reach potential customers, it has become common to assign the task of managing all social media channels to a freelancer experienced with the programs and apps. Usually requiring very little time commitment, such as several posts a week across all channels, this is an easy way to make a few extra bucks.

8. Blogger

What better way to make money than to share your adventures from around the globe by writing your own blog? Use personal experiences along with photographs or videos to create an interesting, detailed blog that people will have avidly read and follow. Find sponsors that sell products or services related to your niche and provide affiliate links to gain a little extra income when your visitors click their links. One could also start their own passion blog, an example of this is how https://coffee-channel.com has created an informative and interesting blog to engage readers. It may take some time to set up and design, but the memories you make while traveling can be easily revisited time and time again whenever you feel the need for a little nostalgia.

9. Web Design

Depending on your past experience or creative hobbies, web design may be an advantageous and potential money-maker for you. Many jobs are available online for a quality web designer with extra work or recommendations and referrals possible after a job well done. High-quality jobs usually pay very well and can be completed in a timely manner if you have prior experience and knowledge of the field.

10. Translator

If you are bilingual or multilingual this is a perfect job that will allow you the freedom to explore your surroundings while still paying a decent wage. Translators are high in demand for many languages in many different professional areas. One-time projects usually require no more than a week commitment while finding a perfect match in expectations and style could lead to a long-term contract.

There are many other job options available to those savvy enough to find them. Many freelance sites offer thousands of new listings daily of employers looking for new, qualified workers to fill their needs. Jobs that can be completed with a computer and internet connection allow you to travel to your heart’s content while still providing you a stable cash flow.
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