How to Book the SGR Madaraka Express Via Mpesa

How to Book the SGR Madaraka Express Via Mpesa

Madaraka Express SGR train introduces online booking, buying of tickets.

Passengers traveling on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train between Nairobi and Mombasa can from today book and pay for their tickets through an online booking portal.

Through the portal (, passengers will be able to select their preferred type of train, starting station, destination, travel date, coach type, number of passengers traveling and passenger details such as name, gender, and seat number.

They will then key in payment options, after which they will receive a transaction confirmation message via their cellphones with an option to check the ticket status online.

“This is a positive move for passengers who have been calling upon the Corporation to diversify the booking options.

 Very hectic

“The SMS system of booking SGR passenger train have been very hectic. This is due to high demand and frequent breakdown of the platform,” said Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Maina.

The booking website, he said, will enable passengers to book tickets 30 days in advance unlike before where passengers could only book 14 days in advance.

However, group bookings, consisting of more than 20 passengers, must be made 32 days to the date of travel.

How to Book Madaraka Express SGR Online


  1. Go to the  portal (Madaraka Express Online Booking)
  2. Select Train type, there are two options: Inter-county and Express.
  3. Choose your ‘From” terminus (the terminus you are traveling from)
  4. Choose your ‘To” terminus (your destination terminus)
  5. Select your departure date
  6. Click on “Book a Train” button
  7. You will get the summary of the details entered and the charges to your selected destination.
  8. Now select your most suitable plan and click on “Book a Train” button.
  9. The Booking Information page will open for you to enter your personal information i.e. Full names, Id/passport number, Nationality, phone number and email address.
  10. Verify the details
  11. “confirm that you’re not a robot”
  12. Agree to the terms of KRC, it good to read!
  13. Choose the payment option, “PAY NOW,” or “PAY LATER”.
  14. If you select  “PAY NOW” there will be a pop up of Mpesa online instant checkout. Please check your phone with the number you entered, it will prompt you to enter your Mpesa PIN.
  15. NB: The train charges are as follows: Economy class, Kshs. 1000, First class, Kshs. 3,000, children below 3 years free and 3-11 years pay half price.
  16. You will receive messages from Mpesa and SGR_Ticket confirming your payment.
  17. NB: Remember to print your SGR ticket at the station for verification purposes to avoid any by inconveniences from the management when boarding the SGR.
  18. You are done booking your SGR train, bon voyage

In the past, passengers could only book by paying cash at the ticketing offices in Nairobi or Mombasa terminus.

The ticket featured a travel date and time but no name. They also contained travel class, carriage and seat numbers.

An economy class ticket has been going at Sh1000 while first-class ticket goes for Sh3,000.

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