A step-by-step guide to checking your Lipa Na MPESA charges

A step-by-step guide to checking your Lipa Na MPESA charges

If you’re buying goods/services via MPESA, it’s super easy to know your applicable Lipa Na Mpesa charges.

Likewise, Safaricom generally charges traders 1% of the transacted value for using the Lipa Na MPESA service

I will start by explaining how to know your Lipa Na MPESA charges when using the Safaricom Till number service to pay for either goods/services.

A step-by-step guide to checking your Lipa Na MPESA charges

If you’re using an M-PESA Till Number (Buy Goods option), the most accurate way of figuring out your Lipa Na Mpesa charges is by checking from your phone.

Here are the steps:

  1. On your phone, press *234# then call.
  2. Type 2(tariff query)
  3. Now type 5(Lipa na M-PESA option)
  4. Now enter the Paybill Number/Merchant Till Number. You need to ask the merchant/shop their Mpesa till number or search for it online and press OK. For example, if I’m ordering something from Jumia, I will enter Jumia paybill number 510800 then click OK.
  5. Next you type the amountyou’re paying to the seller/organization.
  6. That’s all. You will soon receive a text message containing the Lipa na Mpesa charges.

Checking your Lipa Na MPESA charges using the Mpesa Paybill Charges Calculator

You can as well use the online Mpesa Paybill Charges Calculator to estimate your Lipa Na Mpesa charges rate.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Mpesa Paybill Charges Calculator (click the link).
  2. Choose what you’re paying. For instance, you can click MGAO if you want to predict the current Lipa Na Mpesa buy goods charges for popular utilities like Kenya Power (lipa na mpesa KPLC), DSTV, Zuku among others. This means you will select Lipa Na Mpesa buy goods (the 4th option) if you’re calculating the Mpesa Paybill charges for supermarkets and small businesses.

The rest of the options are self-explanatory. For instance, you should click on the 5th option if you want the calculator to determine your Lipa Na MPESA charges when fueling at a registered gas station.

  1. Next you type the amount you’re paying in the space provided under the LIPA na MPESA amount tab.
  2. Finally click calculate. The auto-calculator will compute and display the actual Lipa Na Mpesa charges including the amount that you should have in your MPESA prior to the transaction.

Can you now see why I was saying that it’s pretty easy?

Now, you should note that some businesses have entered into a deal with Safaricom which allows you to make payments via their Lipa na Mpesa at zero fees so in this case, the business bears all the cost.

A good example is the various supermarkets including Maathai, Magunas, and Naivas.

Lipa Na MPESA charges for business owners

Also consider using the calculator if you’re the owner of the business as it also indicates the Lipa na Mpesa/ mpesa paybill charges for your business in the final analysis as per the tariff (see below).

Now, like I mentioned above, the amount you pay for the Lipa Na M-PESA service is dependent on the tariff/plan you selected when registering for till number.

It’s only fair that we discuss the various tariffs at this juncture for the benefit of new merchants...

1. Business Mgao Tariff

Under MGAO, the costs are co-sheared between your business and the client.

Turning to the charges, the payable amount is usually dependent on the transacted value.

That said, the customers stands for everything if the involved amount is small (kshs. 101- 999).

You, however, pay the larger proportion if the customer is transferring larger amounts.

2. Customer Bouquet Tariff

Customer bouquet is a treat for customers as they won’t pay a penny meaning you cater for everything.

You will need to weigh the impact that the charges may have on your profitability vis-à-vis having happy customers (customer love freebies!) when selecting this plan.

3. Business Bouquet Tariff

This is the direct opposite of the aforementioned customer bouquet tariff so the customers cater for the entire Lipa Na Mpesa charges.

It’s a joy for you as a business since your profitability isn’t impacted but it can be a turnoff for cost-sensitive customers.

Lipa Na MPESA charges: Frequently asked questions

I will now proceed to answer some of your questions regarding the Lipa na Mpesa service from Safaricom.

How do I pay for goods and services using M-PESA?

  1. Open your Safaricom Mpesa menu and select Lipa Na M-PESA.
  2. Click Buy Goods then type the outlet’s Till Number.
  3. Type the amount (between sh.50 – sh.70,000).
  4. Type your M-PESA PIN.
  5. Confirm everything then press OK.
  6. Safaricom will soon send you a confirmation SMS.

How To Activate Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number

If for some reason your Lipa na Mpesa till number isn’t working, contact Safaricom customer care by dialing 100 (prepay customers) or 200 (postpaid customers). You can also call 234 ( M-PESA regular customer care number).

How to get Lipa Na Mpesa till number

Again you need to get in touch with either Safaricom customer care via the numbers 100, 200, or 234 accordingly.

You can also visit your nearest Safaricom authorized dealer, authorized M-PESA agents near you, or any Safaricom Retail Shop countrywide.

Besides, you can call Kopo Kopo Inc (Safaricom’s Lipa na Mpesa official partner) through the telephone numbers 0702397062 or 0717245703.

You can also write to any of the following Lipa na Mpesa support emails:

Finally, you can send your inquiry online from the m pesa business safaricom co ke website.

How to get Lipa Na MPESA Short Term Paybill for fundraising

If you want a paybill for fundraising, the process is a bit different since you must provide supporting documents when applying.

These include medical certificates if fundraising for a sick relative and school documents if you need the paybill number for medical purposes.

In addition, you must fill and sign the designated short term paybill application form from Safaricom’s website.

You will visit Safaricom retail shop /dealers for help as soon as you have gathered the requisite documents.

What’s the Lipa Na M-PESA customer care number?

The dedicated customer care number for Lipa Na M-PESA merchants is 2134. The line is free for all Lipa Na M-PESA queries and is attended to promptly.

How to get your safaricom till number statement

Here now is how you can get your mpesa till number statement..

  1. On your Lipa Na Mpesa telephone Number, dial *234# then press call.
  2. Click My M-PESA Information then choose M-PESA Statement.
  3. Choose Full Statement then proceed to register by entering your National ID number.
  4. Next enter and re-enter to confirm your email.
  5. A new text message is sent to you confirming that you will be receiving your statement.
  6. Your M-PESA statement will also be sent regularly via email every 5th of the month.

MPESA till number search

If you can’t locate the merchant’s till/paybill number, you can check it from your phone.

Here are the steps:

  1. On your phone, press *234# then call.
  2. Select 5 (Mpesa information)
  3. Select 4 (business numbers)
  4. Type your business name (keyword) e.g. Kenya power (for mpesa charges for KPLC tokens). Your phone will return a message displaying the paybill number for the business.

Difference between paybill and till number

A Pay Bill is issued when there is an established official relationship between the organization collecting payments and customers.

A specified account number is issued to help identify users who usually make payments remotely

In contrast, a till number is issued to vendors dealing with good and services and is meant to help collect cash immediately on site for sold goods and services.

Needless to say, there is no official relationship between buyers and the business neither is an account number issued.


We have been looking at how to check paybill charges and applicable Lipa Na Mpesa charges. And as we have seen, the easiest way to confirm the amount is by using the online calculator.

Additionally, you can get an estimate of your fees by pressing *234# from your phone.

I have also explained a host of other issues including how to search for MPESA till number/business numbers.

I hope that this has been helpful.

Till next time.

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