Being a powerful woman gets you through tough times you never knew you would be strong enough to go through. As a powerful woman, you inspire other humans - regardless men or women - to be their very best version of themselves. A powerful woman stands out from the crowd and leaves a mark everywhere she goes. Down below are listed 8 unique characteristics of a powerful woman. 

1. A powerful woman never gives up 

A powerful woman never gives up on something she wants. When a powerful woman sets her mind to do something she is going to get it sooner or later. When a situation doesn’t turn out as expected she keeps going because she knows better things are yet to come. She doesn’t let any distractions in her way. She stays in her own lane, minds her own business, and focuses on achieving the goals she has set for herself. That’s why a powerful woman always wins.

2. She’s strong but vulnerable

A powerful woman can be very intimidating in people’s eyes. Her focus and confidence can make her seem cold and bulletproof, but the truth is a powerful woman also has feelings. This is a very known misconception about powerful women; that they are not vulnerable. As a matter of fact, the success of a powerful woman comes at the price of a lot of emotional pain. The difference is that a powerful woman turns her vulnerability into her greatest strength and that’s why a powerful woman is unbeatable. 

3. A powerful woman is self-sufficient

A powerful woman knows that she is enough, and she does not allow anyone to make her feel insufficient. She knows what she has to offer and what she is able to give, so she is not afraid to cut ties with anyone that makes her feel less.

4. Knows her worth 

A powerful woman knows her worth. If she doesn’t feel like she is being appreciated or feels like she is taken for granted, you can be sure that she is going to walk away. A powerful woman knows her worth and what she deserves. 

5. She knows she isn’t perfect

A powerful woman knows that she isn’t perfect, and she is okay with that. She doesn’t try to be perfect and allows herself to make mistakes. This makes her brave because she allows herself to try things out and jump into the unknown. This is a very attractive trait of a powerful woman.  

6. A powerful woman stays true to herself 

A powerful woman is totally true to herself. She knows she does not have to change for anyone. She knows she does not have to act or behave different to impress anyone because she is in peace with herself. This signals that she is comfortable with the human being she is and what she stands for and this especially attracts and makes her stand out. 

7. Caring

A powerful woman is caring. She takes care of herself and the ones around her. Being around a powerful woman you will feel like being taken care of. You will feel like you have everything in one person; an adviser, a coach, a friend, a therapist etc. When you are around a powerful woman you feel good and comfortable. She will spread a good energy no matter where she goes. 

8. A powerful woman is not fazed by what other people think 

A powerful woman does not allow negativity to get to her. She has a shield that protects her from such things. A shield of confidence. She does not feel defined by others and therefore she is not faced by what other people think or what they have to say.

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