The process of Domain registration in Kenya

The process of Domain registration in Kenya

First off, a domain is the coordinates that help a user on the internet find your website/web application.

So, what is the process of registering a domain? Here are the 3 steps:
  1. Decide on your domain name
  2. Contact a Web hosting company
  3. Request a search to affirm that your intended domain name is not taken already
  4. Pay for the domain name if it is available to reserve it.

What is the cost of web hosting in Kenya?

Web hosting services in Kenya can range from Ksh 1000 – Ksh 10,000 annually depending on your needs or the needs of your organization. The more the features the higher the cost. The pricing is basically determined by several factors but this range is a good place to start.

Web hosting packages in Kenya

Web hosting packages in Kenya vary depending on the features that are required for a website/web application to serve its goals. The features can be used to create a customized or standardized package and they include but are not limited to Data storage, Monthly bandwidth, Subdomains, email accounts, databases, SSL certificates, technical support, DNS management, Site building tools, Marketing tools, SEO tools, and service uptime.

How do you transfer your domain from one hosting company to the other?

Unless you plan to handle the technical process yourself, most web hosting companies in Kenya will offer guidance. You just simply need to contact your web hosting service provider and request a domain transfer. The technical team on their end should be able to guide you and extra charges may apply.

What makes a good web hosting company?

The 4 main things that make a good web hosting company in Kenya are :


This is the time that your website is live from the server so that it can be found by a visitor on the internet. Ideally, this measure should always be a 100% uptime however, sometimes it is not. The closer to a 100% uptime a Webhosting company ensures the better.


Slow websites/web applications lead to higher bounce rates. A web hosting company should ensure that your website/web applications have a high load speed to avoid losing website visitors.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is critical for individuals and organizations alike. A web hosting company that has standard security measures in place and goes above and beyond to protect your website/web application using additional security measures is the most preferred.

Technical Support

There are many technicalities to a website/web application and a Web hosting company that assist you with technical issues fast and effectively is the ideal.

Securing web hosting services in Kenya is not just about securing a place that can host your website/web application but it is better to look at it in terms of securing a partner who cares about your online presence. Web hosting companies in Kenya can make or break your online presence and you need to find a partner that will afford you all the necessary support that you need. Choose wisely.

We Recommend IONOS

Their flexible plans for both Linux and Windows are affordable and include a lot of useful features. SSL security makes this a very secure service, and we truly liked that it comes with a free domain.

Moreover, IONOS has delivered a reliable uptime.

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