Okay fellas, let's be honest. How often do you change your underwear? Don't worry. This is just between us boys. We won't tell your mother or your wife or your significant other. But it's still a serious question. If you're a Body Aware customer, that means you're probably very fashion-conscious and keep up with current trends in men's underwear. And, we like to think, more fastidious in your personal grooming habits than, ahem, some guys. Unfortunately, a batch of recent studies has confirmed some of the worst stereotypes about men and their skivvies. Maybe this doesn't apply to you (and certainly not to ME), but we're all getting tarred by this brush. Specifically, coincidental studies conducted by various fashion industry groups all arrived at the same conclusion: men don't change their underwear often enough and, in general, show little interest in under-there hygiene.

From how often you should be changing your underwear to how the tightness of material can affect your sperm count, here’s everything you ever wanted to know (and maybe some things you didn’t!) about men’s underwear.

How Often Should You Change Your Underwear?

While some men may opt for wearing their underwear two days in a row, good hygiene practice says otherwise. Forget the sniff test, underwear should be changed at least once a day no matter what, and there shouldn’t be any debating it. Additionally, if you’re working out at the gym or playing sports, you can bet that the majority of your sweat is going to find a home in your underwear. After an athletic session of heavy perspiring, it’s time to swap out your underwear for a fresh pair.

How Does Underwear Affect Your Sperm Count?

If there’s one question most men are anxious to know the answer to but too embarrassed to ask, it’s the question of how underwear affects sperm count. According to the Seattle Sperm Bank, the number one factor in sperm production is temperature regulation. That being said, boxers take the cake when it comes to having a higher sperm count, as opposed to boxer briefs. The reason for this is that boxers allow more airflow and lower temperatures, which is beneficial in producing sperm. Despite what some naysayers have argued, boxer briefs provide a less than ideal environment for sperm production.

What Fabric Is Most Breathable For Men’s Underwear?

Everybody sweats, and there’s nothing worse than a pair of damp underwear. Choosing the right fabric type for your underwear can make a world of difference in toning down the amount of sweat that’s produced. The most common choices for breathable underwear are cotton and modal. Cotton, as most people know, is a tried and true fabric when it comes to breathability. Additionally, because of its low price tag, cotton makes for a popular underwear fabric around the world.

Alternatively, modal is a semi-synthetic fiber that comes from the cellulose of beech trees. This fabric type can absorb up to 50 percent more moisture than cotton, making it a favorite for men’s underwear. That being said, modal is a relatively expensive material, meaning you’ll have to up your underwear budget if you want to start investing in some pairs made from this unique material.

How Do You Avoid Itching?

Jock itch is a common occurrence amongst men, and it takes place when there is a combination of moisture and rubbing skin. In some cases, bacterial infection can even play a role. The first step to avoiding this unwanted outcome is by making sure you’re practicing proper hygiene. If you find that you’re maintaining your cleanliness and still find yourself itching, it could be a matter of wearing too tight underwear. You can either try going up a size or switching to a different type of men's underwear (for example, changing from briefs to boxers). Sweat-wicking underwear can also be a helpful solution. If the problem persists even after making changes, be sure to see your doctor.

How Much Underwear Should You Own?

If you’re wondering how many pairs of underwear you should own, the suggested range falls somewhere between 14 pairs and 20 pairs. At a bare minimum, you’ll want at least 14 pairs if you wash your laundry weekly. This will account for each day of the week, as well as some extra pairs in the case that you frequently work out or travel for work. If you wash your laundry less frequently, you’ll want to bulk up on your underwear collection. Having enough for the week and a few extra pairs for exercise is the best way to calculate how many pairs of underwear you should own.

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