10 Fun Things you must do while in Campus (Infographic)

10 Fun Things you must do while in Campus (Infographic)

Are you eager to join the university? It is the wish for every student to get first-class honors once they are done with university education, but at what expense? Your primary goal should always be academics but there are other things that you should focus on when you are a student at any college or university in Kenya. Here is a list of some of the best fun activities you should never miss out on when studying in any college or university in Kenya

This list will totally change the way you see universities in Kenya whether you are in K.U, UON, MOI, or even Strathmore university!

10 Fun Things you must do while in Campus (Infographic)

1. Go for a class trip

Universities in Kenya usually organize class trips so that students can experience learning in the real world. Even though most of these tours are not very ‘academic’ you are likely to have the best experience ever. Bonding with your classmates in a completely different setting is going to be so much fun.

2 Join a club

There are so many clubs that you can join depending on your interest, but just make sure you join one. Be an active member of the club because it’s going to be a good way to get away from all the studying and meet new people.

3. Campaign for your favorite student leader

One of the most significant activities in most universities in Kenya is the election period. Some of your friends or classmates may vie for a seat in the student body and you can do some campaigns for them. Campaigning for someone is tough work, but it’s a great experience all the same.

4.  Live inside campus

While most students, especially those in public universities in Kenya, are given rooms in campus in the first year, many other institutions don’t accommodate so many students in campus. But you should look for a way to get accommodation inside campus and just know what it feels like to live so close to school.

5. Attend fresher’s bash

Fresher’s bash is where all the first year students are invited to celebrate as they are being ushered into campus life. In most universities in Kenya, not so many good things come out of these parties. But it’s good to know what the experience is like before you leave campus.

6 . Visit the library

It shouldn’t be a surprise that some students leave universities in Kenya without having stepped in the library. So make sure you visit the University’s library and not just to see how it looks but go and study there and just feel the experience. You may end up liking it.

7.  Get involved in some kind of performance

Most universities in Kenya have clubs that offer students a chance to get involved in performances. You can participate in the next pageant or drama activity or even dance. Whatever it is, give yourself the opportunity to showcase your talent. You never know, you might be the next big thing in campus.

8.  Dance all night

This doesn’t mean get drunk and do all the bad things you can think of. Just spend a night, preferably after your exams, to go out dancing with your favorite friends. Try being sober the whole night and just enjoy the music and each other’s company.

9. Do something for charity

Whether it means visiting a children’s home or setting up a fundraising to help the less privileged students raise their fees, doing something for a good cause should be on your to-do-list.

10. Invite your parents

Wouldn’t it be nice if your parents came in and you gave them a tour of your university? Well, most people wouldn’t do that for one reason or the other by it still sounds like something they’ll really enjoy. You’re not doing it for yourself but for them. As you plan on joining or finishing your studies at any of the universities in Kenya, consider doing all these 10 activities to make the entire experience fun.

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