The Significance Of Wearing An Anklet

The Significance Of Wearing An Anklet

After the Meme saying anklets were worn by married women looking for sexual encounters from other men, there is a big debate about the significance of why ankle bracelets for women are worn. Does it mean anything if she wears one on a particular ankle? What if she wears one on both? Is there a cultural or historical meaning to wearing one in the first place? 

We can go back to ancient Egypt to find the first anklets. All social classes wore them purely as a feminine ornament. Dancers tended to string beads together, and the sound they made was in concert with their movements.

In the first Century BC, these pieces became popular in India. It was known as Payal, which may or may not be because the trend began in the city of Payal, India, where the word in Hindi and Punjabi means “anklet.” As the legend goes, women wore ankle bracelets when they showed bravery in their tribes against their rivals, and they were typically made of heavy metal materials, like silver. Some wore little bells on their ankles. The sound was highly pleasing to the opposite sex and signified that a female was around so the men needed to behave.

As the centuries evolved, so did the meaning behind wearing an anklet. One could surmise that there was something about wearing these bracelets for women that signified they were not demure or reserved. In Western culture, the idea of baring ones ankles and wearing jewelry on them has created a number of controversial opinions, from falsely signifying infidelity to stating a woman’s sexual preference.

These days, the idea of wearing ankle bracelets for women has changed dramatically. Anything goes, as long as one does adhere to a few fashion rules. For instance, never wear an anklet with pantyhose. It defeats the whole purpose! An anklet should be worn on bare legs.

Unlike in ancient times, bells or chimes do not add anything to the anklet these days, unless you are trying to call attention to yourself. Keep it simple and wear the anklet as an adornment, rather than a calling card. This especially holds true if you choose to wear one in the workplace.

Wear an anklet on whichever ankle you choose. These days, anything goes. And after all is said and done, it’s a fun way to express your personal sense of style!

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