Google Jobs in Kenya - Apply Now!

Google Jobs in Kenya - Apply Now!

Job opportunities as Google announces first product development Centre in Africa. Google Is Recruiting Engineers For Its First African Product Development Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

A new product development center in Africa will help to fulfill Google's objective. Among the vacant positions at the Nairobi, product development center are engineering managers, product managers, software engineers, and senior UX designers.

Google is looking to fill a number of key positions, including product managers, user experience designers, and researchers, in order to prepare the company for its expected rapid expansion over the next few years.

Google is looking for "talented, creative, and collaborative people who can help solve difficult and important technical challenges, such as improving the smartphone experience for people in Africa, or building products that will help everyone to thrive together," according to their official statement.

Google’s Mission in Africa

To assist Google in Africa, you'll need a strong desire to solve complex challenges as well as technological expertise. An understanding of how people throughout the continent use their phones on a daily basis, as well as the issues they confront, would be advantageous.

Approximately one-third of the world's population under the age of 35 will live in Africa, according to Google. Over the next five years, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has pledged a $1billion investment in initiatives that would provide high-speed, dependable, and cheap internet to Africa.

Google's goal is to create useful products that aid Africa's entrepreneurs and small companies. Google has created an AI research center in Accra, Ghana, in order to support the development of valuable inventions. That same dedication will be demonstrated through the opening of a product development center in Nairobi.

In the next five years, there will be an additional 300 million internet users in Africa. Young, innovative, and enterprising, they're poised to spur fresh growth and development throughout the region.

How to apply for Google Jobs

If you have the necessary skills and are eager to help Google solve problems in Africa, have a look at the current openings listed here. If you have a clear idea of how to improve the complete online experience, you'll have a better chance of landing a job.

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